Books by Christine Feehan

Dark Gold

I was very much looking forward to reading Dark Gold. Not only is it a contemporary romance with a vampire/Carpathian element, but it is also set in San Francisco. In the end, however, the romance didn't grab me, the lead characters were forgettable, and the setting wasn't utilized particular ...

Dark Desire

The combination of a tortured and vampire hero was too much for this reviewer to resist. I devoured (pardon the pun) this book in one sitting. This romance is not for the faint of heart, however. It has one of the most tortured hero and heroine pairings I've ever discovered, and there are element ...

Dark Prince

Dark Prince is an excellent example of a book that starts out so well, you're led to believe you've hit on a pretty good thing. Then, about a third of the way through, you realize you've read these same words before, nothing new has happened, and not much action has taken place. By the middle, you w ...