The 1999 All About Romance Reader Ballot

This is AAR’s yearly ballot for determining the best (and, in some instances, the worst) romances published in 1999. This is the fourth year we’ve polled for reader favorites.

If you’d like to see the interim results (as of January 27th), please click here and a new window will open in your browser.

This ballot will remain open only through January 31, 2000.

This ballot is only for books first published in 1999. For this ballot, we do not differentiate between series romance titles and single titles – if a Harlequin Historical was your favorite medieval, vote for it. If your favorite contemporary was a Silhouette title, vote for it. Jennifer Crusie won several awards in the first year of this balloting for her series titles.

Please only vote once, and remember that this ballot is only for books published in 1999 – please check the copyright page to prevent any errors that may disqualify your entire ballot. And, if you are concerned about having your last name and/or e-mail address posted on-line, don’t be – while we do need your name and e-mail address for tracking purposes, that information will not be divulged at any time. That information is also important in case we need to get in touch with you for clarification on a selection.

In order for your ballot to be counted, it must include your name, email address, and selections in at least five categories. Remember that a Regency Romance is not the same as a historical set in the Regency period. Only Zebra/Kensington and Signet published Regency Romances this year. All readers and authors are welcome to vote, but each ballot will be carefully checked – both last year and the year before, efforts were made to stuff the ballot box. As in the past, all suspect ballots will be tossed into the waste can.

Once you submit your ballot, you will be automatically returned to the interim results page.

Here are the categories I’d like you to consider and vote on:

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

Favorite Romance (Title and author):

Favorite Funny (Title and author):

Most Hanky Read (Title and author):

Most Luscious Love Story (Title and author):

Most Tortured Hero (Hero, title, and author):

Feistiest Heroine (Heroine, title, and author):

Favorite Hero (Hero, title, and author):

Favorite Heroine (Heroine, title, and author):

Favorite Couple (Names, title, and author):

Favorite Villain (Name, title, and author):

Most Annoying Hero or Heroine (Name, title and author):

Best Cabin or Road Romance (Title and author):

Best New Author (First published book in 1999):

Best New Discovery (Not a new author, but new to you in 1999):

Author Most Glommed (Author you collected the most books for in 1999):

Favorite Medieval Romance (Title and author):

Favorite Regency Romance (Title and author):

Favorite Historical European Romance (Title and author):

Favorite American Historical or Western Romance (Title and author):

Favorite Contemporary Romance (Title and author):

Favorite Romantic Suspense (Title and author):

Favorite “Other” (time-travel, futuristic, fantasy, etc) Romance (Title and author):

Author You Gave Up On in 1999:

Author Others Love that You Don’t:

Most Disappointing Read: (Title and author of romance that started great and petered out or one you keenly anticipated but failed through and through):

Worst Read: (Title and author):

Purple-est Prose: (Title and author of book with purple-est prose, sexual or otherwise):