A Bridge to Love
Grade : B+

A thirty-something widow goes in search of herself and finds the love she's always deserved in Nancy Herkness' debut novel. A Bridge to Love is a fast-paced, sexy, and sometimes humorous read in which the hero and heroine both learn that mutual attraction cannot be ignored.

A widow with two adolescent children, Kate Chilton had it all until the death of her loving husband. She is still picking up the pieces of her life more than a year later when she discovers that her marriage wasn't so perfect. She finds a note from her husband's lover in his work papers and is devastated all over again by his infidelity. What's worse, he didn't leave enough money to support their family and she'll need to sell her share in his business to keep things afloat. In order to survive, she must revive her career ten years after leaving the workplace. Feeling betrayed and angry, she decides to strike back at her dead husband by having a one-night stand.

Randall Johnson perfectly fits the bill. He's wealthy and, more importantly, not interested in a permanent relationship. After a flirty conversation at a party, he asked her out, she turned him down, but later called him back. The millionaire corporate raider built his empire from nothing and made his way to the top. He's used to getting his own way... until he sleeps with Kate and she blows him off. Determined not to be her one-night stand, he chases after her full tilt even as he wonders at the attraction. She's definitely not his type - he usually goes for leggy blond socialites.

But Kate somehow got under his skin on that first date; when he picked her up for dinner they never made it to the food. He wants to see her again but she assures him theirs was no more than a one-night thing. He refuses to accept Kate's terms and goes after her. He uses her sons to finagle dates with her, and even though after each date ends and she determines not to see him again, she does.

This couple has great chemistry and their love scenes steam. Herkness does a great job of making their first encounter real. It's easy to envision a married soccer mom who doubts her desirability having the internal debate Kate has when she goes out on the balcony with Randall that first night.

Even though this book was a good read, I had a couple of problems with it. Kate's an engineer with a degree from M.I.T.; her specialty is the building of bridges, and there are so many descriptions of bridges that by the end of the book I realized I could live quite happily if I never saw another bridge in my life. Also, a subplot involving a business rival of Randall's isn't fully explored until quite late in the story. It devolves into something you might see in an action movie; while the backstory in all this is interesting, the Hollywood handling of it was out of place and unnecessary.

Aside from those things, A Bridge to Love marks a good debut for Nancy Herkness. It's a believable romance with mature characters and I'll be looking for more of her books in the future.

Reviewed by TaKiesha Smith
Grade : B+

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : September 26, 2003

Publication Date: 2003

Review Tags: STEM heroine widow

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