About Last Night

Grade : B-
Grade : B-
Sensuality : Hot
Review Date : November 30, 2013
Published On : 2013/10

There is so much I like about this story: the unique characters, the London setting, the fact that we actually see the characters at work and learn about their lives outside of work. And best yet? The heroine works at the Victoria and Albert Museum as a specialist in knitting! Pat gave the e-book version a B+ and I definitely agree with her grade for the story. But while the narration isn’t horrible, it doesn’t do justice to the story and I ended up wishing I’d read this in print.

About Last Night is definitely a story of opposites attract featuring former wild girl Cath, an American, and upper crust English Nev. I like the voices Ms. Marlo uses for the dialog portions of the story. The book primarily features scenes with Cath and Nev and they speak in very distinct voices. Nev – or City – as Cath thinks of him, has a clearly English accent and sounds male, while Cath has an American accent that is appropriate for her age. When Nev’s parents appear late in the story, their voices sound decidedly older, and his mother, in particular, quite haughty.

However, a large part of the book takes place in Cath and Nev’s minds or in descriptive text, and I found the narrator inconsistent in these sections. At times she’s overly dramatic and breathy when it didn’t seem called for. Ms. Marlo also tends to over-emphasize certain words. There are looooooong hallways and the characters linnnnnnger over tastes and touches. After a while, I wondered if the narrator thinks I don’t know the meaning of these very simple words. Over time it became irritating enough to pull me out of the story.

I don’t normally like romances where the hero and heroine hop into bed early on, especially when they’re virtual strangers. It’s the mark of a skilled author that Ms. Knox sold this story to me and made me want to keep reading, even when Cath is clearly determined to keep this just about sex. Cath has a rocky past that is revealed in bits and pieces over the course of the book, until she finally blurts all of the ugly details out to Nev. Her anger with Nev clearly comes through in this key scene in Ms. Marlo’s voice.

Toward the end, I became so caught up in the story that I didn’t even notice the narrator’s affectations. Still, I wish I had read this in print, and will probably download it as an eBook so that I can focus more on the story in a reread.

Breakdown of Grade – Narration: C and Book Content: B+

Unabridged. Length – 6 hours 44 minutes

LinnieGayl Kimmel

My first memory is sitting with my mother on a blanket in our backyard surrounded by books and she is reading one of them to me. My love of reading was encouraged by my parents and it continues to today. I’ve gone through a lot of different genres over the years, but I currently primarily read mysteries (historical mysteries are my favorites) and romances (focusing on contemporaries, categories, and steampunk). When I’m not reading or working, I love to travel, knit, and work on various community projects.
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