About Last Night

Grade : B+
Reviewed by Pat Henshaw
Grade : B+
Sensuality : Hot
Review Date : July 6, 2012
Published On : 2012/06

Amazon said because I liked Sarah Mayberry, I would like this Random House Digital book. Skeptically, I decided to take Amazon up on its challenge, but since I haven’t had much luck with some of the music services that pick tunes for me, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope. I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked this book featuring a woman with a rough sordid past and the upper crust Englishman who peels away her layers.

American Cath is in London having wrangled her way to a job as an assistant curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Every day she stands on the Tube platform and studies her fellow passengers. One in particular is a cute late 20-something whom she has nicknamed City because he dresses in a three-piece suit and looks to her like the quintessential banker.

Nev Chamberlain has also noticed Cath, and one night when she’s drunk and coming home on the Tube late, he takes her back to his flat because she refuses to tell him her name or where she lives.

In the morning, hung over and hurting, Cath discovers that Nev is a gentleman when he lets her shower at his place and gives her a spare toothbrush. So begins the love affair of two incredibly different people.

Nev is the second son of a wealthy, influential couple who are grooming him to take his place in the family’s bank. Although his father is an arts patron, neither of his parents care about Nev’s love of painting and the fact that his art is gallery quality.

Cath, related to Chicago mobsters, has made horrible life choices and chronicled them on her back in a series of numbered tattoos. Dividing her life into Old Cath and New Cath, she is now an expert knitter and is helping her V&A boss pull together an exhibit of knitwear as art.

Both are delightful characters, who are passionately in lust for each other. Fortunately, they also have interesting discussions and interactions between their bouts between the sheets. Since this is an angsty romance, issues and complications arise. Knox, however, knows how to keep the story real. When Nev uses Cath to fight his parents and an appalled Cath runs from him, Knox doesn’t use a simple bandaid to bring them back together.

All in all, not only did Amazon actually have a good suggestion and I’m grateful for it, but I’m eagerly awaiting the next book Knox writes. Hurray for the digital age!

Pat Henshaw

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