Big Bad Wolf
Grade : C-

Big Bad Wolf is a book that I could best sum up as meh. It’s got a lot of sex and fighting in it, but the heroine, Missy Roper is quite a pale and meek character. I guess when you end up as the Mate to an alpha Lupine male, you can’t be too feisty or you might end up as lunch.

Missy Roper is a kindergarten teacher who is the shy and conservative one of her bunch of friends. They’ve tried to fix her up with a sex date a time or two, but it’s never worked out. As we begin, Missy is in a club wearing a short and tight dress which shows off her Kardashianesque booty. She thinks it’s way too big, but Graham Winters has a different opinion.

Graham is the alpha male of the Silverback clan of Lupines (werewolves). Missy has fantasized about him from afar, but he’s been too busy boinking other females to notice her. But lately he’s been tired of sex (and of course it’s the women’s fault), but when he sees Missy in that dress and gets a whiff of her scent, he knows that she is The One - His Mate and the Luna of the pack. He proposes a weekend of sex and Missy agrees (she doesn’t know he’s a Lupine).

So they have wild and continuous sex for the weekend during the course of which Graham’s sensitive nose senses that Missy is ovulating. So he gets her pregnant without bothering to tell her. As the alpha male of the pack, Graham is under some pressure from his cousin Curtis to bring in a mate and have cubs (children) to carry on the line. Curtis isn’t happy that Missy is a human and he calls a matehunt for all the pack – a hunt where the human Missy might be at a disadvantage.

I dunno - Big Bad Wolf moves at a supersonic pace, there’s lots of hot sex and there’s nothing really bad about it, it’s just that I never warmed up to the hero and heroine. Missy is such a changeable character. Her reaction to finding out that Graham has made her pregnant is to fuss a bit and then have sex with him. She’s alternately timid, then she’s all Luna, standing up to a Lupine female who could easily disembowel her. She’s out of shape, then she outruns Curtis in the matehunt. I never could figure her out.

As for Graham – he was an animal and he’d probably say I was paying him a compliment. He’s all hard alpha male and although he was a wolf in his Lupine form, I pictured him as a knuckle-dragging gorilla. He wasn’t cruel or anything, but he was the kind of character who, when he gives an order, you had better obey or else. Somehow, I don’t think Missy has the nerve to stand up for herself.

Big Bad Wolf is a fairly average urban fantasy, but it really doesn’t have anything to set it apart from the dozens of others out there. Werewolves have never been my cup of tea as characters, but I know that they have their fans. I suspect a Lupine lover might like this book better than I did.

Reviewed by Ellen Micheletti
Grade : C-

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : September 21, 2009

Publication Date: 2009

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