Business Not As Usual
Grade : A-

Business Not As Usual is a story for the every-person.  You, slugging away at your coffee, stuck in a dead end job, living in a bad neighborhood, dealing with crappy relatives.  This is your book, and if you wanna escape into a fluffy Cinderella fantasy, you’re going to enjoy it.

The wonderfully-named Dreamy Daniels has plans to make it big.  Though she’s currently stuck in a growing pot, with a day job and a crumby apartment, sitting a few credits shy of her bachelor’s degree, she knows someday her destiny will be fulfilled and she will win the lottery.  Someday she will be her own boss, thanks to this tradition she and her grandfather have established.

Enter the gorgeous, suave Karter Redford, venture capitalist.  Dreamy’s goal is to impress this man so he’ll invest in the company she works for and please her boss. Karter is not only handsome, debonair, and the owner of genes descended from an actor and a socialite, he’s incredibly dedicated to charity work, too. Talk about the perfect guy. The problem is, poor Dreamy comes from a whole different universe than rich Karter – and aside from their professional connection, they’re going to have to swim through a lot of class differences before finally achieving togetherness.

Life isn’t all roses for Dreamy, even though much of Business Not As Usual is a sweet fairytale.  She has difficulties with her mother – who is trying to make amends for abandoning her when she was young – she has next to no money and must live on her hopes and dreams, and it all makes her eminently easy to root for.  Her grandfather is an incredible character, and their loving relationship is wonderful.

Karter is, of course, Prince Charming incarnate; handsome, caring, loving, and good in the bedroom.  But he’s not perfect, and Dreamy sees and loves his flaws.  Their romance is filled with chemistry, which makes their love scenes sparkle.

The entire novel is a whirlwind of frothy, Cinderella-style romance.  Dreamy attains her hopes and dreams and beats down the snobs (and tough family history) that lies behind her.  Business Not As Usual is easy to slide into, like a hot toddy, a box of good chocolate, or a fuzzy sweater.  It’s warm, friendly and tender – a fantastic romance novel, and a totally satisfying one.

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Reviewed by Lisa Fernandes

Grade: A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : April 7, 2022

Publication Date: 04/2022

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