Desert Isle Keeper

Chance of a Lifetime

Marissa Clarke

This is the third story in the Anderson Brothers series, all standalone romantic comedies featuring brothers who are different in temperament but likable and engaging characters.  Chase works with his brothers at their family firm but is also an adrenaline junkie who loves to do big and bold things. He’s never forgotten his first love Genny, a woman who has been blind from birth. Their friendship as teenagers was destroyed as a result of some unfortunate incidents that forced Chance to keep his distance. Ten years later, Genny is determined to get out from under her family’s thumb and embarks on a bucket list to prove that she can go it on her own. One of the items on the list is to kiss a stranger in a bar and she makes her move – only she knows as soon as it’s done that he is no stranger after all, but her long lost friend Chase. With this sudden reintroduction to the man who broke her heart, can the two of them make peace with the past and make a new future together?

Genny is completely delightful! It’s refreshing to see a character with a disability as the heroine of a romance novel. Genny doesn’t wallow in self pity over her blindness, she just does what she needs to do. She’s moved out of her family home and gotten a job in a recording studio. She’s feisty, funny, sweet and a wonderful, caring friend. Though her reintroduction to Chase is a little unorthodox, she engages his help in addressing some of the more daring items on her bucket list. Chase goes one better, challenging her to do things that even she has doubts about. I love the way he treats her, with respect and admiration but never seeing her as an invalid. And even when they were apart, he went through the effort of learning braille and doing things in his own life that would keep her with him in spirit if not in reality. Genny and Chase share some definite chemistry, and now as adults there is no hesitation on their parts (despite some minor guilt Chase feels about Gen being his former friend’s little sister) to explore this. They share some steamy scenes together that help them to reconnect physically and emotionally. The author does an excellent job of bringing to life the challenges a blind person experiences while at the same time showing how overcoming those same challenges gives that person a new sense of self. This is truly a delightful story and one with a lot of heart to go along with the humor.

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Reviewer :      Maria Rose

Grade :     A-

Sensuality :      Warm

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