Christmas with the Single Dad Doc
Grade : A-

At this time of year, I love to curl up with a festive, lighthearted romance. My tolerance for cheesiness goes way up, just as I suspect a lot of other folks’ does as well. After all, there has to be a reason so many people like Hallmark holiday movies.  If you’re wanting a warm and exuberantly festive holiday romance, Christmas With the Single Dad Doc is a solid read.

Set in Cornwall, this book is first in a series called Carey Cove Midwives. As the book opens, we meet Kiara Baxter, a midwife getting ready to start her new job at Carey House. Right away we learn two things about her: first of all, she loves Christmas and all the holiday trappings. Even though she has just moved to Cornwall, she has thrown herself into over-the-top Christmas decorating both to indulge her love of the season and to spread cheer around the neighborhood. We also learn fairly quickly that Kiara has moved to Cornwall to start over. After a bad breakup in London, she felt the need to get away to an entirely new place.

As it happens, Kiara’s new home draws the attention of three-year-old Harry, who walks by every day with his father on their way to work and nursery school. Like many little kids, Harry is mesmerized by the Christmas magic springing up around Mistletoe Cottage. And as it also  happens, his father, Lucas Wilde, is a doctor working at Kiara’s practice.

Kiara and Lucas are immediately attracted to one another. However, Kiara is still smarting from the breakup and after losing his wife three years previously, widower Lucas hasn’t given a thought to dating or remarriage. So, even though readers can see the connection and chemistry between these two early on, there is plenty of believable tension.

I liked how the author keeps throwing Kiara and Lucas together in ways that let them build a friendship first before they feel comfortable enough to start a relationship. The two have a good working relationship at Carey House and since Harry adores both Kiara and her magical Christmasy house, their frequent meetings outside are sweet and believable. As Lucas and Harry start inviting Kiara to local events so that she can feel more at home in Carey Cove, I couldn’t resist a smile.

The romance in this book feels almost inevitable, but sweetly so. There is some tension in the story because both Lucas and Kiara have been hurt in the past. However, the tone of this book is more warm and cozy than dark and angsty. It’s a charming and comfortable Christmas read. I needed some warm fuzzies, and this one certainly delivered.

Reviewed by Lynn Spencer
Grade : A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : December 20, 2023

Publication Date: 10/2022

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