Every Boy's Got One
Grade : B

Even though I enjoy the occasional Chick Lit book, I am not exactly a huge fan. But from the beginning, Meg Cabot's fun and silly story, written primarily in journal entries and emails, pulled me in for an enjoyable read I had trouble putting down.

World renowned cartoonist Jane Harris has never been out of the United States, but all that changes when Jane flies to Rome to see her best friend elope. Jane could not be happier for Holly and her soon-to-be-groom Mark. But when Jane meets best man Cal Langdon, she is anything but ecstatic since reporter Cal is rude and has a sarcastic comment about practically everything Jane does. She is shocked when she finds out the boorish man is Mark's best friend and that she will be spending her first vacation abroad with the arrogant jerk. But Jane isn't the only one annoyed since Cal does not exactly like her. To make matters worse, it becomes rather apparent that Holly hopes Jane and Cal will hook up.

Cal is rather surprised when he finds out that the bizarre woman with a cat tattoo and luggage with a cat face painted on the side is the woman with whom he will be spending his holiday. But that is just one in a multitude of unpleasant experiences he must endure while on vacation, starting with the worst offense of all - the elopement of his best friend. Cal was once married and that turned out to be a horrendous mistake. In fact, Cal has never seen a good marriage and wonders what Mark could possibly be thinking. In everyone's best interests, Cal decides it is up to him to talk Mark into reason. But how is he supposed to talk his friend out of marriage when Jane keeps getting in the way, spewing her views of romance and love? Cal, however, is not the only one who thinks that the marriage is a bad idea since both Holly and Mark's families are on his side. Now, if he can just get Jane out of the way so he can talk some sense into Mark.

Jane knows exactly what Cal is up to and she doesn't dare let the man be alone with either Holly or Mark and possibly ruin the marriage of her best friend. And while she is at it, she just may have to bring him down a notch or two and show him just how wonderful love can be. But with one mishap after another, Cal might not need to have a word with his best friend since Mark and Holly's own problems and doubts just may stop the wedding after all.

Although I enjoyed this story, there were times I thought Jane seemed a bit immature. In fact, it is because of these problems that I did not give the book a better grade. I know she is a cartoonist, but luggage with a big cat head painted on its surface was a bit much for me. These immature bouts did not happen enough to turn me off completely, but if Chick Lit featuring thirty year-olds with a little growing up to do annoys you, then you might get aggravated. The only other small problem is that the characters constantly use their Blackberrys or write in journals - I couldn't help but imagine all these people sitting in silence as they furiously typed away. As parody it went slightly overboard.

From the beginning I was amused by Jane's whirlwind of a personality and blunt nature. I smiled and laughed out loud from her silly, witty commentary - Jane often wrote what we all wish we could say. The characters Cabot created were well-developed and her writing just descriptive enough without being overwhelming. And some of the secondary characters were hilarious, particularly a German teen who is infatuated with Jane and her cartoon, Wondercat.

This isn't the first of Cabot's books to tell a story via email, and the email/journal entry format made for a very easy read. Every Boy's Got One is quick and smooth, full of silly situations and humorous moments. It may not be deep, but it's a delightful novel.

Reviewed by Lori Sowell
Grade : B
Book Type: Chick Lit

Sensuality: Subtle

Review Date : March 17, 2005

Publication Date: 2005/01

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