Every Dark Corner
Grade : A-

I've been reading Karen Rose's romantic suspense novels for the past ten years or so, and never have I been disappointed. Every Dark Corner, book three in Ms. Rose's Cincinnati series proved no exception. It's important to note that this novel wouldn't be a good place to jump into the series, for not only would the mystery arc be difficult to make sense of, but readers would miss out on the back stories of many of the characters.

Every Dark Corner picks up not long after Alone In the Dark ends. FBI Special Agent Griffin Davenport is just waking from the coma caused by injuries he sustained near the end of the previous story. He's very disoriented, but he knows there's something he must tell his fellow agents: not everyone escaped from the human trafficking ring he had been investigating.

Agent Kate Coppola has been by Griffin's side every moment she can spare. Of course, she's concerned about his health, but there's also a certain vulnerability about him that affects her in ways she can't really explain. Plus, she's eager to speak to Griffin as soon as he wakes, needing to find out exactly what went wrong while he was undercover. She has hours of audio recordings in her possession, but talking to Griffin would save her a great deal of time.

Once Griffin is coherent enough to voice his concerns to Kate, the hunt for the trafficking victims is in full-swing. Of course, Griffin is in no shape to assist, something that bugs him to no end. He's a truly terrible patient, trying everything he can to get back to work instead of resting. Luckily, his medical team, backed up by Kate, has other ideas.

Then someone sinister learns Griffin has come out of his coma, and this person begins to worry. What exactly does the agent know, and how soon will he tell all? Soon, a plot is hatched to end Griffin's life. Fortunately, it's discovered before anything too catastrophic happens, but now Griffin and Kate are both aware that the victims of the traffickers aren't the only ones in danger. Griffin must be moved to safety as the hunt for the remaining victims continues.

There's a great deal more to the plot, but I’m not giving anything away.  As you can probably guess, Kate and Griffin develop feelings for one another, but the stress of the investigation as well as secrets from both their pasts complicate things no small amount. Plus, Ms. Rose has woven an incredibly complicated web of wrong-doing, and I was kept guessing until the very end of the novel.

Kate and Griffin make a spectacular couple. Both are driven to be the best investigators they possibly can. This can make them appear stubborn and reckless at times, but each is more than willing to protect the other when necessary. They call each other out whenever one of them goes too far, and it's really great to see them finally lay their personal demons to rest and give into their feelings.

I feel compelled to warn perspective readers about a fairly large number of references to sexual violence. Part of the story is told from the point of view of one of the victims, and the life she describes is absolutely dreadful. As usual, Ms. Rose doesn't pull any punches, adding an extra layer of authenticity. If such violence is something you have trouble reading about, you might want to give this a pass.

Perhaps Every Dark Corner’s greatest strength is the complex and loving relationships shared by the large cast of characters. The author excels at bringing all of them to life; I want a group of warm, caring friends exactly like those Ms. Rose has created in this series. We learn a little more about each of them all the time, so every new book in the series is like a visit with people I truly care about. I can't wait to see where Ms. Rose takes them next.

This is, at 640 pages, a fairly long book. I know this could be a turn-off for some, but I urge you to try hard not to be intimidated by its length. It's fast-paced and sexy, with numerous twists and turns that make it nearly impossible to put down. Ms. Rose is truly a master of her craft.

Reviewed by Shannon Dyer
Grade : A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : February 3, 2017

Publication Date: 02/2017

Review Tags: Cincinnati series

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