Eye of Heaven
Grade : A-

It’s always a treat when a series doesn’t disappoint. Progressively, this series has just gotten better and better. Liu has created a world with strong and interesting heroes and heroines. I can’t wait to read more!

The Dirk & Steele Agency is much more than a detective agency, and so are its operatives. They all have some kind of paranormal ability, and have formed a family when no one else would accept them. Blue Perrineau is hunting Santoso, a nasty villain who harvests organs to sell on the black market. His victims – kidnapped women and children “donors” – don’t survive their surgeries. Blue believes he has gotten close to Santoso’s organization when a woman drops a bomb on him – literally. Blue’s electricity manipulation skills won’t save him now.

After his recovery, his estranged, rich, and amoral father asks him to track down a half-brother he never knew he had. Blue refuses until his father threatens his mother and the Dirk and Steele agency with exposure. Furious at the manipulation, Blue sets off to find his brother, Daniel.

Iris McGillis loves her cats, and no, I don’t mean house cats. She sleeps with lions, literally. As a member of a circus, her fellow circus members believe she has an extraordinary affinity for her lions, tiger and jaguar. In fact, she does, because she is a shapeshifter who can become a leopard. Iris and her mother have hidden their abilities for obvious reasons. Iris never felt alone however, until two years ago when her mother disappeared, leaving her nothing but a note. Since then she has felt isolated, even among her friends in the circus. And now that they are performing in Las Vegas, the sheer number of people wanting a piece of her is overwhelming. After a mysterious stranger saves at the circus camp during an environmental protest gone bad, Iris feels he is somehow different than other men she has met. He reminds her of the other newbie to the circus, Danny.

Blue immediately knows about Iris’ special talents, and also is immediately attracted to her. His half-brother is also immediately hostile, as if he knows Blue’s identity. Blue gets hired on with the circus as an electrician, but as it is obvious that someone is after Iris, the ringmaster recognizes that Blue’s talents can help protect Iris as well.

There is a complex plot here, that all ties in together neatly. Blue, Iris, and Daniel must come to trust each other because they are all in very serious danger. They must also join with some extremely unlikely allies to stay alive. The interplay between all the characters here is what makes this book great. These are rich characters and their histories and lives are well developed.

I didn’t want this book to end, yet I couldn’t stop reading it; when I finished I set the book down knowing I had read something wonderful. The only piffle relates to a substantial secondary character whose motives, while explained, didn’t jive for me. This character’s actions had rather terrible impacts on the other characters, and the reasons given weren’t sufficient enough justification for me. That said, though, given the rest of the story, this was a very minor sour note. If you’re already reading this series, aren’t you lucky? Go out and get this one, now. Like paranormals, but haven’t tried these yet? What are you waiting for? Go, now.

Reviewed by Liz Zink

Grade: A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : November 20, 2006

Publication Date: 2006

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