Fake It Till You Bake It
Grade : A-

Fake it ‘Til You Bake it is a fun romantic romp featuring two characters who have to do a lot of growing to land themselves a sweet ending.

Jada Townsend-Matthews is one of those people who is famous for being famous.  A rich heiress living off of her trust fund, she’s become a reality television star on a Bachelor-like program, and it’s been working out pretty well for her – until she turns down the proposal of the popular Dr. John on a dating show and America instantly turns on her. Jada comes home to San Diego, and while she’s there she wanders into a new cupcake shop called Sugar Blitz, which is owned and operated by NFL star Donovan Dell.  Orderly Donovan and snotty Jada get on about as well as oil and water, and their encounter ends with harsh words.

Jada’s grandma Mrs. T. has a solution to her granddaughter’s attitude problem, and it’s to cut off Jada’s cash flow if she doesn’t land a stable job.  Jada decides she’ll prove herself to her family – by working with Donovan, at Sugar Blitz, as organized by Mrs. T. When a tabloid report links the two of them together, Jada suggests to Donovan that they pose as a happy couple in order to fix the bakery’s cash flow problems and rehab her image.  But what happens when their fake romance suddenly becomes all too real?

Fake It ‘Til You Bake It is a funny, charming romantic comedy with some great secondary characters (I loved Mrs. T. and Sloane in particular!).  Jada and Donovan have wonderful chemistry, and they manage to evolve from enemies to friends to lovers credibly.  They have a wonderful love story, and I’m interested in what the author might be cooking up for Sloane in the next book.

I love it when a couple rubs off on one another, and thus when Jada becomes a bit more responsible and career-orientated while Donovan allows spontaneity into his life, I was delighted.  And yeah, this book has some of the most delicious baking descriptions I’ve read in a long time.

What else can I say?  Fake it ‘Til You Bake it is romantic, charming and a wonderful ride of a romance.

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Reviewed by Lisa Fernandes

Grade: A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : June 21, 2022

Publication Date: 06/2022

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