Her Knight's Quest
Grade : B

There is a difference between a series and a trilogy. Series books can each stand alone. In this instance, I would say that the Warriors of the Mist is a trilogy and they are best enjoyed together. Though I recommend this book, I do it with the advice that it is read after the first in the series, My Lady Mage.

Duncan is one of the Damned Warriors who are forced to live in the river for centuries, only surfacing when a worthy applicant needs their aid. A short time ago, the Lady Merewen called for the Warriors and they are now in a fight to save her home from the evil magic that is taking over the land. In an attempt to fight this magic, Duncan has headed to a renowned library in the hopes of learning more about the magic that is at work. The library is protected by Lavinia, the abbess, and she has every reason to not only fear the magic, but to respect it and its capabilities. When the magic threatens her life, it is Duncan who is able to save her and gain her trust.

Though both have secrets they need to keep, Duncan and Lavinia must depend on each other to an extent. Not only do they stand a better chance when working together, but the growing attraction between them is undeniable. As the Duke threatens not only the abbey, but Lavinia herself in very personal ways, Duncan must convince her to not only save herself, but to join the fight and put herself in greater danger. Her power may be the only thing that can save them all from evil.

I love a good fantasy romance and these stories have all the classic things that I look for: Dashing heroes, battle of good and evil, and a touch of magic thrown in for spice! I like how this story very much builds on the previous one. The story of Murdoch and Alina continues and the characters continue to develop throughout this book as much as they did in the first. Though this is Duncan’s story, I would say that he is only in about half the book. There are other things being focused on as well. To me this wasn’t a problem – it is typical in a fantasy series. But it is something that readers need to know ahead of time and be prepared for because the side stories – such as the additional romance, the introduction of a new character in Sigil (the prisoner), and the continuation of the fight against the dark magic - may surprise some people. This is really a matter of the genre rather than this story, but it needs to be noted.

I personally enjoy it when stories interact to make one novel. Though I have to say honestly in this case, Duncan and Lavinia’s romance did suffer a bit. Not in an overwhelming way or one that kept me from enjoying the story, but enough that it was very rushed how the two of them came together. In any other story or with just about any other character, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. However, much has been made of Duncan being the most courtly of the Warriors and the most gentlemanly. I felt the rush of his getting Lavinia into bed was in direct opposition to that aspect of his character. There was very little wooing of Lavinia before the two were sleeping together and that took a little bit out of the story. I expected a lot more sweet romance from the chivalrous Duncan than I got.

Despite this, I liked the story a lot. I love the idea that Lavinia could be the key to defeating all that the Warriors are fighting and I liked the hints of what may be coming in the greater story and what these wonderful men may finally find when they once again go back to the river. This is a series I would strongly recommend.

Reviewed by Louise VanderVliet
Grade : B
Book Type: Fantasy Romance

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : February 15, 2013

Publication Date: 2013/03

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  1. What kept me reading was the sheer unpredictability of the storyline. I knew David’s and Chelsea’s paths would cross again…

Louise VanderVliet

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