Hott Shot
Grade : B+

I was happy to relax and enjoy a comfort read of Hott Shot, the first book in the Hott Springs Eternal series, which is a spinoff of the Wilder Adventure series. The setting for this book is the Hott Springs Spa–Hanna is the FMC from Wilder at Last–which is now owned by Hanna and her five brothers.

The Hott Springs Spa was a working ranch until a few years ago when Hanna and her granddad decided to convert it into a wedding venue with a spa. It has hot springs, cold pools, saunas, and a salon near towering mountains and a dense forest and it sounds so beautiful I wish I could visit. The story opens with all of the brothers returning to Rush Creek for their granddad’s funeral. None of the brothers want to be back in Rush Creek and I wasn’t exactly sure what happened to cause this, other than they had issues with their grandfather and were busy with their jobs. (I’m wondering if more will be revealed about their estrangement in future books?) Their grandad’s will stipulates that each brother must complete a specific task and if they don’t, the land will be sold to a mining company. The first one up is Quinn Hott and he can’t believe what his crotchety old grandfather, from the grave, is making him do: he must work at the front desk of the spa and salon as a receptionist for two months.

Quinn is a brilliant scientist that develops drugs, like one that gets rid of the side effects of an ALS drug. Like many scientists, Quinn feels more comfortable with numbers and formulas than with people–his ex convinced him he isn’t a “people person.” He is frustrated about being away from his science lab to work and extremely irked he has to be a frickin’ receptionist at the spa. But, even though he’s a big man of few words, with a beard and hair that needs a trim, it turns out he knows just what to say to the Spa’s mostly female customers. One thing he isn’t unhappy about–having to spend time around the beautiful Sonya, the spa manager. She’s the sunshine to his grump and I  enjoyed watching the two fall for one another. (Like most of Bell’s books, this one has wonderful heat, especially when Quinn and Sonya end up having to share a cabin.)

Sonya works for Hanna who is in the hospital having a baby and she’s asked Sonya to be in charge of the spa. At first, even though Quinn and Sonya are attracted to each other, they both tell themselves getting together is a bad idea. For one, Sonya is technically his boss and, for another, Quinn is Hanna’s brother. Plus, Quinn is only planning to stay in Rush Creek for the two months required by his grandfather’s will. Fortunately for the reader, these reasons don’t stop them from ending up in between the sheets!

Though it’s a short, sweet read, the story has some depth. Quinn and Sonya both had bad breakups in their past and are wary of being in a relationship. They also have fears of abandonment that stem from their childhoods. I liked seeing their growth throughout the story and how they brought out the best in each other.

As was true in the Wilder books, family is a big part of the story. All the Hotts as well as the Wilders show up at different times in the book, often for comic relief. I laughed as I turned the pages. This is a feel good read.

The story stands well alone but I think it’s helpful to have read some of the Wilder books first, my favorite being Walk on the Wilder Side. I think readers that like romcoms and those who enjoy the Wilder Series will have fun reading Hott Shot.


Reviewed by Kayne Spooner

Grade: B+

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : October 1, 2023

Publication Date: 09/2023

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