In the Event of Love
Grade : B

Nope, apparently it’s not too early for the first wave of Christmas-related romance novels to hit the market.  In The Event of Love is sweet and just a touch quirky, making it a fun and fast-paced intro to the season. 

Morgan Ross is an event planner extraordinaire.  She’s busy and successful, but when she gets a business offer from her home town, Fern Falls, she’s reluctant to return to the nest.  Then a video of her making out with the scandalous Chad McTannum in a nightclub goes viral, and suddenly, Fern Falls looks awfully appealing.  She saves her job by convincing her boss that making good with the charity event she’s been asked to plan in Fern Falls will save her reputation.  Then she learns she’s been hired by her high school crush. 

Rachel Reed was Morgan’s first crush and best friend back when they were kids.  Now she’s a lumberjane who owns a tree farm and even though Rachel shattered her heart years ago, Morgan is drawn to her.  Rachel and Morgan both struggle with family issues and try their darndest to prove themselves in their individual industries.  But will it be enough to get them where they need to go? 

The interesting thing about In the Event of Love’s setup is that it absolutely subverts expectations while happily playing into the tropes that tend to be found in good, solid small town romances.  You get Christmas cheer, a warm town that’s queer-friendly and rooting for Our Couple, and a sweet and tender romance between two women.  But Morgan and Rachel are dealing with distant parents, one of whom is alcoholic, so it’s not all sweetness and light, and Morgan works hard to reclaim her relationship with her father, which is truly touching to watch.  This book is like sinking into a nice warm bath, or indulging in a Hallmark movie just as the first fat flakes of winter snow start falling.  

Between all the holly and snowballs and mugs of hot chocolate, Kae makes  pertinent points about slut shaming and familial expectations, and her writing is tops, smart and fluid and easy to fall in love with.  But I had to dock this one a little bit for some pacing issues when a little too much timeis spent dawdling in the midsection before leading into a truly wonderful final act. 

Even with my quibbles, In the Event of Love is a good read, and the perfect novel to put you in the Christmas mood. 

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Reviewed by Lisa Fernandes
Grade : B

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : September 4, 2022

Publication Date: 08/2022

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