Into the Dark

Grade : B
Reviewed by Liz Zink
Grade : B
Book type : Romantic Suspense
Sensuality : Hot
Review Date : May 18, 2007
Published On : 2007

Never having read any of the other books Gerard’s Bodyguards series, I had no idea what to expect. I’m happy to say that this was a fast paced and mostly enjoyable read, with an excellent heroine, a hard-bodied hero and a nice set of secondary characters that I want to see again. The back story fit neatly into this book and I didn’t feel like I had to pick up four other books to understand these people.

Dallas Garrett and his E.D.E.N. team, (which I surmised is a group of ex-military special-ops guys who now work security – and do other dangerous stuff) rescued Amy Walker from a horror camp called Jolo Island six months ago. Amy and Darcy (heroine from the previous book, Under the Wire) were in the hands of a bunch of sadists. While Darcy was only there a few days, Amy had been there for months and suffered all kinds of physical and mental damage. Needless to say, she was a shell of a woman when Dallas and his team came in. Although Dallas immediately felt something for her, and she for him, it was neither the time nor the place. Amy had much healing to do first, and she also had a mission of vengeance to plan.

Amy’s grandfather was a former Nazi agent who practiced his special form of mind and body torture on his own daughter, Amy’s mother. As a result, her mother ended up in a mental institution and Amy vowed later to avenge her mother and put a stop to her grandfather’s continued atrocities. Unfortunately, Edward Walker has vast resources and other sadistic cronies to protect him.

I admired Amy’s character. This is a woman who suffered greatly, but is no longer a victim and has taken steps to strengthen her mind and body to complete her goal. After her identity is violently compromised, she realizes she must seek help and the only person that she trusts implicitly is Dallas. She arrives on his doorstep and literally falls into his arms.

Dallas is a warrior all the way. His mission is to protect and serve, and he believes himself to be lousy relationship material. Still, he never forgot Amy, and when she disappeared after her rescue, he kept hoping against hope she would show up again. Neither of them is quite prepared for their relationship, although it’s clearly meant to happen.

Amy’s on the hunt to find her friend Jenna, who disappeared after finding something incriminating about Edward Walker, and to exact her revenge. It will take Dallas and Amy and a few sexy special-ops guys as well to get the job done. Gabriel Jones, one of the secondary characters, nearly steals the show, which is saying quite a bit as Dallas is no slouch in the hero department. I can’t wait for his book. Amy and Dallas have great teamwork, and although he is a former military man, he doesn’t try to tell Amy to back off and stay out of the way while he takes care of the manly job.

The book did suffer, though, from a couple of annoying problems. First, every time a weapon of any kind is mentioned, it comes along with a bunch of technical terms, initials and names that just yanked me out of the story. I’m not a weapons expert, nor do I want know the bad guy carries a 1911-A1, or that Amy loads her gun with Corbon 200 grain bullets. Second, Dallas’s behavior at the end of the book bothered me. There are many examples of TSTL heroines, but in this case, the hero’s behavior leaned right on the verge of TSTL, which I think was unnecessary – not to mention out of character.

Even with those problems, however, I will definitely try this author again and can recommend this book to those who like a fast moving plot with a special forces hero. Yum!

Liz Zink

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