King Hall
Grade : A

If you're a Harry Potter fan, did you ever wonder what life would have been like for the characters as adults? If so, King Hall is the book for you. Scarlett Dawn has kicked off what promises to be a fabulous new series that reminded me a bit of Harry Potter, but is definitely intended for an adult audience.

Lily Ruckler is not your average nineteen-year-old. In fact, she's not even your average Mystical. Lily has a secret that could get her killed: she's mated to the future king of the shifters, a race of Mysticals who can shift into animal form. Her chances of exposure increase when her mate is killed. Now, Lily is forced to fill his shoes. She will be the future shifter queen, definitely not something that tops her list of things to do.

Lily reluctantly joins the other three future rulers for a year of grueling training that will test every limit Lily thought she had. Along the way, Lily learns that if she wants to ensure peace between Mysticals and Commoners, and to stay alive herself, she must change the Mystical world. So she does the unheard of: she forms friendships with those who will one day rule the other Mystical factions. But is the Mystical world ready for the radical ideas Lily, Pearl, Ezra, and Jack are proposing?

Narrator Chandra Skyye was new to me, but King Hall has put her on my radar. She has an extremely pleasant voice when reading narrative. Add to that the fact that her character depictions are stellar, and you've definitely got a winning combination. I never needed dialogue tags. Ms. Skyye switches seamlessly from the British accent used for Pearl, future queen of the mages, to a Hispanic-tinged voice for elemental king Jack. Her pitch and pacing also made each character stand out.

Skyye’s depiction of Lily is excellent. I found this especially important since King Hall is told in the first person from Lily's point of view. The listener is able to perceive Lily's growth, both as a shifter and as a young woman. We hear her grief when her mate is killed, and her determination to make things better for her people. She sometimes acts rashly, but her intentions are good. Ms. Skyye shows us that Lily is a young woman with far more integrity than one might expect from someone her age.

King Hall introduces us to a wonderful cast of characters. I can't wait to see if the plans they make will come to fruition. I loved Ms. Dawn's ability to take today's world and add a mystical element to it. The revolution that begins with the killing of Lily's mate and the discord between Mysticals and Commoners add action and depth, making this more than an average coming-of-age novel set in a world slightly different from our own.

Is there a romance, or isn't there? You won't find one in this book. However, as I listened, I thought I could tell where Ms. Dawn is going and who Lily's romantic interest could be. Hopefully King Cave, book two in the series, will allow Lily to find the true love she craves.

Breakdown of Grade - Narration: A and Book Content: A

Unabridged. Length - 13 hours 45 minutes

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Reviewed by Shannon Dyer
Grade : A

Sensuality: Subtle

Review Date : July 10, 2014

Publication Date: 2014/05

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