My Sister is a Werewolf
Grade : B+

Finally, an author has written an exceptional werewolf romance with an unyielding female as its lead. Kathy Love's My Sister is a Werewolf is loosely connected to her other series featuring three vampire brothers; this story is about their baby sister, an intelligent and loving woman who wants to be "normal," which means being human.

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Elizabeth Young is a centuries old werewolf who relocated to Shady Fork, West Virginia after reuniting with her three brothers. Elizabeth lost her family after they were attacked by an evil vampire. It is never fully explained, but Elizabeth became a victim of a werewolf and was believed to be dead. She was discovered by alpha werewolf Brody Devlin, and lived with his pack until seven years ago when she choose to escape his maniacal rule.

The most important thing in Elizabeth's life at the moment is the creation of a vaccine to cure her "ailment." Lately, her concentration has been off and she has become restless with an irritating need for something - or rather someone - who can make it stop. Elizabeth has no idea that her "true mate" resides in the same town and she finds him at her brother's bar one night, where she has gone to let out her frustrations. She knows the moment when she lays eyes on Jensen Adler that he can help scratch her itch.

Jensen is the town's only veterinarian and lives with his loving grandfather. He refuses to let go of his guilt over the death of his high school sweetheart and the one night he finally agrees to go out with his friends, he is instantly enthralled with Elizabeth and overcome with lust. He soon leaves the bar because he can't handle the uncomfortable reaction but doesn't get very far because Elizabeth is waiting for him in the parking lot where they proceed to have some very hot sex in his truck. Afterwards, they are both horrified - Jensen as he doesn't even know her name, and Elizabeth because she feels as though her body has taken over her mind.

Elizabeth is the aggressor in this relationship at first, but all too soon Jensen wants more than just sweaty, mind-numbing sex with his mysterious lady. But she is not too keen on having a new boyfriend - how will she be able to hide her werewolf nature and find a cure? To say nothing of her psycho werewolf mate Brody, who could show up at any time to destroy her new happiness.

Brody himself is an interesting piece of work as he has no morals or scruples. His mind is so far gone that he can't decide if he still wants Elizabeth back or just wants to kill her because she has become so deeply involved with a human. Brody also comprehends the exact nature of Elizabeth and Jensen's relationship before either one of them does, which puts them both in grave danger.

Elizabeth eventually grasps that living as a werewolf may be a good thing rather than a hindrance while Jensen tries not to fall in love again because he has become so emotionally scarred from his fiancée's unfortunate demise. But, thankfully, he comes to the realization that his life isn't over sooner, rather than later, which helped things move along nicely. Elizabeth and Jensen do complete each other and by the end I believed they were perfect mates in every sense. The only disappointment I had was that the ending felt too sudden and too pat.

Kathy Love's past works tended to be very tame and a tad fluffy, so I was very surprised to discover My Sister Is a Werewolf (despite it's dreadful title and cover art) to be very insightful, erotic, and suspenseful. I enjoyed reading Elizabeth's journey to "being normal." So what if she howls at the full moon and becomes furry at certain times of the month?

Reviewed by Kate Garrabrant
Grade : B+

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : July 12, 2007

Publication Date: 2007

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