One Season of Sunshine
Grade : B+

One Season of Sunshine is part romance, part women's fiction. Yes there’s a very nice romance, but the main plot of the book is concerned with how Jane Aaron and Asher Price come to deal with their pasts and face the future.

Jane Aaron seems to have everything together in her life. She loves her family and they love her, she has a teaching job that she very much enjoys, and she has a sweet, supportive boyfriend who wants to marry her. But there’s a big hole in Jane’s life. She was adopted as an infant and, although she considers her adoptive parents her real parents, she is consumed with longing to know just who her birth mother is. She knows she was born in Cedar Springs, Texas so she takes a leave of absence and goes there in search of answers.

Jane needs a job there, and she ends up working as a nanny for widower Asher Price, a partner in an ad company. Asher has been consumed with work and travel and needs someone to look after the children. Jane is the perfect candidate for the job and it comes with an apartment. So Jane becomes the nanny for five year old Levi, and twelve year old Riley Anne.

When Jane meets Asher, she intially thinks he's nothing but a workaholic, but her opinion soon changes. Asher loves his children, and doesn't like to be away from them. He is handsome, wealthy, and his late wife Susanna seemed to have been his perfect soul-mate. But there's an aura of sadness and loneliness about him. The children have their own issues as well, and Jane begins to suspect that Asher and Susanna were not the perfect couple they seemed to be. Jane and Asher begin to be attracted to each other, but their path to togetherness is strewn with problems.

I flat out liked this book. It’s been awhile since I began to read a book and didn’t want to put it down, but once I began to read One Season of Sunshine, I didn’t want to stop. All the characters felt very real. They didn’t flounce, pout, or act like overgrown children. The misunderstandings between Jane and Asher were very realistic and didn’t feel forced at all. These were characters you could believe in.

The relationship between Jane and Asher develops slowly and naturally. There’s no instant lust – Asher and Jane don’t begin to develop romantic feelings for each other until they’ve gotten to know each other and given the problems they have to face, instant lust would have been a disaster for both of them.

I’ve read quite a few of Julia London’s books – both historical and contemporary. She is a writer who can be counted for a thoroughly enjoyable read no matter what genre she tackles. Fans of contemporary romance – don’t miss this one. It’s good, really, really good.

Reviewed by Ellen Micheletti
Grade : B+

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : July 15, 2010

Publication Date: 2010/07

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