Only You
Grade : D-

Maybe it has something to do with being late to the party, but Only You, Francis Ray’s final installment in her Grayson family series, just didn’t do it for me.

Sierra Grayson is young, intelligent, beautiful, and successful as a real estate broker. She is also the youngest and only unmarried child of the wealthy Grayson brood. She stands in for her sister-in-law at a charity event and catches the eye of real estate mogul Blade Navarone. Sparks fly between this headstrong pair and they end up spending the evening together on a date.

Sierra and Blade have dinner, flirt, kiss, and part ways, each not knowing what to expect from the other. Blade is the first to snap and arranges a contest of sorts between successful real estate brokers for the chance to be the exclusive broker for his new property in Dallas. Since he personally put Sierra on the list, he will be able to spend time with her and, if things go right, get her into bed. Problem is, Sierra is not the casual sex kind of girl and Blade knows that, as well as he knows he wants nothing to do with relationships. Still, they cannot stay away from each other and, well…that’s it. Not much else happens

First off, I won’t even deign to call Blade a character. He’s a composite of things we’ve seen many times before in a bad package: a larger than life, multimillionaire with a severe possessive streak and nasty temper. Despite Only You being predominantly a character-driven novel, his character decamped before the first chapter leaving an empty alpha shell in place of a hero.

Sierra is the only redeeming quality I could scavenge. Her treatment of the situation with Blade is admirable. She didn’t throw herself at his feet demanding anything he could give her, even if it is only a one-night stand. She also doesn’t push away the only man she was ever truly interested in because he admitted he wasn’t into commitment. She has dinner with him and enjoys his company; she lets things take their natural course. Not that I’ll forgive her name-dropping like a bad reject from Chick Lit. I don’t think I ever want to see the words "Gucci" or "Chloe" again.

So, yeah, nothing really is going on besides Sierra selling some swank condos and Blade warring with his lusty self over how to handle the Sierra debacle. Toss in a revolving door of past heroes and heroines so blissfully in love they make one sick, and a mild scrape with danger and you can call it a day. The characters returning from previous books are a joke. If you have read the previous in the series, maybe it wouldn’t have started off on such a bad foot, but the Grayson brothers and their wives felt interchangeable. And don't forget the cousins that make a few cameos.

Only You might appeal to fans of the Grayson series, if only to wrap up the storyline. I, however, had a hard time making it past page 30.

Reviewed by Lisa Gardineer
Grade : D-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : December 24, 2007

Publication Date: 2007

Review Tags: AoC PoC

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