Remember When
Grade : A

I love visiting Eve and Roarke, as I always feel like I'm hanging out with old friends. All the wonderful aspects that go into their stories are present here.

Samantha Gannon, granddaughter of Max and Laine (from the first part of Remember When), is a published author and has been on tour promoting her new book, which tells the story of the diamonds and Max and Laine. When she returns to her home, she discovers the body of her close friend and house-sitter, Andrea. Eve is called to the scene and the threads of the two stories begin to weave together.

After her initial investigation, Eve knows she has a stone cold killer on her hands. This was not a crime of passion - the killer had a specific purpose in mind. Further investigation leads Eve to believe the killer thinks Samantha knows where the missing diamonds are (in her book, Samantha reveals that a full quarter of the diamonds were never recovered).

Eve is at her best here, slowly piecing together a mystery that is over 50 years old. Peabody, now a detective, and very proud of it, is always at Eve's right hand. (Peabody's attempts to "discover" her style as a detective were hysterical). This is one case that pushes Eve's emotional buttons as they discover the identity of the killer.

The reader also gets a large glimpse of the killer's motivations and personality, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. This person cares about nothing and no one and believes he or she can’t be caught.

Roarke is by Eve's side as they unravel the mystery of the diamonds. This mystery brings up emotional trauma relating to Eve’s past and the "nature vs. nurture" question, and Roarke is there to help her through that.

Reviewed by Liz Zink
Grade : A

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : October 3, 2003

Publication Date: 2004

Review Tags: In Death series

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