Sex and the Single Ghost
Grade : C+

I’m a junkie for paranormal romance and for Sex in the City, so let’s just say the title intrigued me. After all, how can you go wrong combining dating, sexy singles, and the paranormal, right? And, had Tawny Taylor stuck to a solely paranormal romance premise, I think this book would have definitely been a keeper—as good as a "Samantha" or, dare I say, "Carrie" episode of Sex in the City. The problem with Sex and the Single Ghost is its mystery.

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That’s not to say that I don’t like a good mystery thrown in with my paranormal romp. Not true! I love a good mystery. That’s why despite the very well-written romance between ghostly hotties Claire and Jake, the mystery behind Claire’s death left me very disappointed. It had a very nice build-up, but instead of clues there were pronouncements, and even worse, the resolution seemed tacked on. I felt like I was playing a game of "Clue." I always wanted to know just why Miss Scarlet had done it in the library? What exactly made her turn to that candlestick at the last minute? The same thing applied here - we knew who did it, how, and even why, but it felt slapped together. The romance certainly had the front seat (and in my opinion should’ve had the rest of the car.)

Here’s the story: Claire has been dead for nine years. She was, in fact, murdered, but she doesn’t know who, why, or how. She just "woke up" dead in her bed, which is why she’s consigned to wear her ultra-hot nightie on her trip back to earth. Apparently, the Dead are stuck in what they die in - sort of makes you think the next time you slap on those yoga pants and head to the grocery store. And, although Claire is concerned with how she ended up D.O.A., she’s also really, really horny. After all, the Dead (Spirit Americans) can only hook up every nine years. They get their bodies back for one night (Halloween) and only if they can impact someone’s life in that night do they get nine additional nights on Earth. Those nine nights will give Claire a chance to solve her murder, not to mention to have a serious paranormal booty call.

So, Claire (in her cute teddy) heads off to the last bar she remembers to (hopefully) find a guy that she lusted after nine years ago, Jake. And, serendipity strikes and there’s Jake, looking like he hasn’t aged a day. Of course, he hasn’t - since he’s dead too, and out for the exact thing as Claire - to make a difference and have some great sex. So, Claire and Jake hook up (repeatedly and very, very entertainingly) and in their off time they try to solve Claire’s murder.

Now, maybe I’m a bit more venomous than good, ole Claire, but I think that finding out who did me in might be a bit higher on my list than whipped cream and leather. Obviously, there’s lots of room for a sequel - Claire and Jake and their otherworldly passion have lots of room to grow and there are still plenty of questions about Claire (and Jake’s) deaths. I really am hoping for a second book. Claire and Jake are a great couple. Both are very interesting and their "romance", which starts off as a heated fling, really grows. By the book’s end, you care about Claire and Jake, which is why the lack of resolution to Claire’s death bugged me so much.

Sex and the Single Ghost is not a bad book. Without all the loose ends it might have been a very good book. The conventions created by the author for the Spirit Americans, the nine-year rule, Claire’s worldly cherubic guidance counselor, and a myriad of other facets of this story are highly original and very entertaining. Ms. Taylor’s writes great dialogue and developed her characters extremely well. I certainly don’t regret reading this book. I’d definitely pick up the next one - although probably at the library instead of the bookstore. A nice romp, a great romance, but a poor mystery.

Grade : C+

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : October 8, 2006

Publication Date: 2006

Review Tags: ghost

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