Snowed in with the Viking
Grade : A

Snowed in With the Viking is Lucy Morris’ latest standalone romance. And what a romance it is! It centers around our heroine, Embla, and hero, Runar, as they spend the winter together after an avalanche blocks the exit to the cave they have taken shelter in. It is such an enjoyable and - at times - exciting romance between two people just trying to survive.

Embla is in trouble. She has become lost in the woods and has fallen into a hole in the snow, and while she manages to free herself, she still has no idea how to get home. Thankfully, she finds a cave to take shelter in, and there is even food inside. It’s not long before the owner of the food, supposed wild man Runar, returns and finds Embla asleep. The two agree that Embla may spend the night and Runar will take her home the next morning. Unfortunately, an avalanche blocks their exit so they are forced to go out the back of the cave on the other side of the mountain. Runar’s cabin is there, so he and Embla plan to share it until the spring thaw. They settle in to a nice life together, almost as if they’re married, except for one thing.

Embla and Runar are very attracted to each other, and it’s not long before attraction turns into feelings for Runar. He wants nothing more than to keep Embla with him, and sets off on a mission to convince her to stay with him even after the thaw. Embla begins having feelings for Runar, too, but she feels obligated to return to Gudvangen to continue helping the jarl’s wife care for her children. Runar has to convince her that her true place is with him.

I absolutely adored this story! I was pulled in from the first page and only put it down when it was completely necessary (such as when my family felt they needed to be fed!).

I loved both Embla and Runar and they are such great characters. It’s a pleasure to watch Embla grow as a person and realize she is stronger than she thought possible. I also enjoyed seeing Runar try to fight past his extreme shyness to meet Embla halfway because she likes to be around people. There aren’t many secondary characters in this book, as Embla and Runar are essentially stranded for the winter, but those that do appear are likable.

My favorite thing about this one, though, is that so much happens for two people who are unable to go anywhere for long stretches of time; there is not a single lull to be found in its 288 pages. And I don’t necessarily mean that the book is all action, all the time, or anything like that. However, there is so much sexual tension between Embla and Runar that I had to keep reading even when they were just having conversations because I couldn’t wait to see how they would handle that tension. Finally, I really love a hero who falls first and Runar certainly does. He’s was such a sweetie about it!

With great characters, sexual tension that builds throughout, and excellent pacing, Snowed in With the Viking is a fantastic read and one I can’t wait to dive into again.

Reviewed by Jessica Grogan
Grade : A

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : January 5, 2024

Publication Date: 12/2023

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  1. Yep, that’s the long and short of it – I like her more as a contemporary writer because of this.…

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