Some Kind of Blunderful
Grade : A-

If you like romcoms with loveable characters and puppies, this one’s for you. Our leads, Alex and Mia, are a couple whose interactions really are full of wonderful blunders. Their story began when they matched on an app and tried to meet at a park full of food trucks but, at first, couldn’t find each other.  When they finally did, things went downhill fast as they accidentally said and did the wrong things. This scene and many more are really, really funny.

Mia’s dad has been complaining about his new young boss at work who is making his life miserable with lots of changes and when Mia stops by his office, she realizes Alex is her dad’s new boss. They don’t mention their date to her dad, thinking they’ll just forget about it. But they keep running into each other because their best friends, Ezra and Josie, are dating each other and they also see each other at her dad’s company events. There’s an employee night at an NBA game with a very funny scene with the Kiss Cam, and a sweet community project day at a dog shelter where they work in the playroom with puppies. When they are thrown together in an escape room with their best friends, we can see their attraction growing. They find they like each other and are looking forward to seeing each other and things get spicy hot when they go for a boat ride on Josie’s birthday booze cruise.

Mia is very sweet. She’s close to her family and teaches preschool. She’s really creative and likes to fix up furniture and old things she finds at thrift shops. But she is extra wary about starting a relationship after having her heart broken when she was stood up at the altar by her high school sweetheart. Alex’s mother was pregnant at fourteen and his aunt and uncle raised him but it wasn’t a loving family. His cousin calls him often needing money and Alex is trying to figure out how to cut him off. Work has always been his first priority and it’s wonderful to see happy things start to happen in his personal life as he spends time with Mia and their friends.

This story is clever, heartfelt and pretty steamy. There’s a forbidden love trope because Mia and Alex worry about how her dad will react if he finds out they’re dating. I liked that there was no big misunderstanding or dramatic third act break up. It slowed down a little in the middle but their chemistry and witty banter were wonderful and I loved how they made each other laugh. The author dedicates the book to The Office Ladies and their podcast and said she was inspired for this story by The Office. This book was a sweet surprise and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Kayne Spooner

Grade: A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : September 25, 2023

Publication Date: 09/2023

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Kayne Spooner

Kayne Spooner is a retired science teacher, dog owner, and proud grandma who lives in beautiful Colorado. While she's an avid reader of all genres, romances have always swept her off her feet. Kayne gravitates toward stories with humor, swoon-worthy love interests, and memorable furry sidekicks, although really, if there's a happy ever after, she's here for it! She loves sharing her passion for books with the romance community and connecting with fellow readers.
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