Soul Selecta

Gill McKnight

In Soul Selecta by Gill McKnight, love needs a helping hand – in this case, the helping hand of the Soul Selector. She is the one who makes sure that soulmates (the ultimate source of power for the gods, Greek Pantheon style) get together and stay together. But unfortunately, the current set of soul mates isn’t working out right, and now SS is stuck with one girl in the Elysian Fields and the other left pining for something she never knew was there.

This could have been really interesting. Notice the “could have been” there. Unfortunately, the pacing was off, the writing needed a bit more polish, and there was an utterly ridiculous amount of descriptive sex. Most of the characters came across as one dimensional, including our lovely but nameless Soul Selector protagonist. It was a quirky, clever idea, though, and there were parts that were absolutely hysterical – like actually laugh out loud kind of funny. Which shocked me, because I wasn’t really enjoying the book much, but there you have it. Jesse, the one soulmate we follow throughout the beginning, is really obnoxious, and the Soul Selector isn’t much better. As LGBTQA, it was an interesting idea – that these women would be born again and again, meeting each other over and over, but something just got lost in the translation (though I would be interested to see the characters swap genders – who says that a soul is male or female?).

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