The Bride's Bodyguard
Grade : A

Though The Bride's Bodyguard didn't sell well, it's one of those books I feel is a hidden gem. I hope you'll do yourself a favor and search this one out; it'll be worth the hunt.

The Bride's Bodyguard is the romance between Ross Trevenan, personal assistant to Alexandre Beaupre, and Tessa Lorimer, the nemesis of Beupre's granddaughter. Tessa is a bit of a wild child, and she gets under the skin of Trevenan immediately. Ross is the antithesis of Tessa. In actuality, he's an English Earl, posing in France as Beaupre's assistant. Ross knows that Tessa has been involved in a murder, though her actual role is unknown. Four young women at the same English academy where Tessa studied in the past, have been murdered in the past few years, including his own, young and pregnant wife. He fears Tessa will be the next victim, as does Tessa's grandfather, and the two make decisions that will affect her without her knowledge. When Ross is asked to take care of Tessa by her grandfather, to get her out of France and into the safety of England during the war, he agrees.

Tessa has no knowledge of the murder she is believed to have been involved in. She has stated from day one that she was not out by the pond where the murder took place but believes she was in bed sick with a cold. She does not understand the dreams she has about somebody trying to drown her, nor why she feels such panic when anybody brings up the subject of her fellow student's drowning. Ross feels that she knows far more then she's saying and comes to realize that she may have buried memories of what truly happened.

Taken to England as quickly as possible, Ross surrounds Tessa with his friends and family. They have a common interest and a common goal - to protect Tessa with all that they have. In the meantime, Ross is doing his level best to deny the feelings he has come to have for her. He's in love with his dead wife and nothing will change that, especially a little spoiled, feisty girl who needs to be looked after and kept out of trouble. When circumstances prevail and Tessa asks Ross to marry him, he realizes that the best way to protect her is by making her his wife.

The Bride's Bodyguard is one of those books you won't be able to put down. It's a page-turner from the very first page. Author Thornton has a wonderful way of writing romantic intrigue that keeps the reader guessing. I knew just how involved I was in the story when I realized I was hoping and praying the villain would not turn out to be one of Ross's circle of friends/family. When I did discover the identity of the villain, it was just before the author revealed him.

Elizabeth Thornton has a style that I find lovely - it's smooth and flowing, and, at the same time, gripping. Readers will discover themselves gently guided from one scene to another at the very same time as they are reading some of the best intrigue they've come across. If you're looking for an excellent story to read on a cold winter's day, run and get this one. It's a keeper!

Reviewed by Deborah Barber
Grade : A

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : October 1, 1998

Publication Date: 1997

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