The Demon You Know
Grade : B

Narrated by Kate Reading

The Demon You Know is the third entry into Christine Warren’s The Others series. The first two were hits for me but this one? Well, there are some hilarious moments as well as a lot of fun scenes featuring the rest of the cast. But the heroine, Abby Baker, is the queen of TSTL.

Kate Reading’s narration saved this one for me. She’s so good with the multitude of voices - voices that stay true to the characters across the series. Her ability to catch each little tidbit of humor or personality kept me listening despite the heroine. The hero, Rule, sounded a bit ponderous at times but it worked.

The premise of a woman raised with strong religious ties falling for the Demon guarding her (after becoming possessed by a different demon) had a lot of potential, but Abby’s whining got in the way despite the much needed slap down she received. Christine Warren does Abby a disservice by continually describing her as plain and mousy. Is that supposed to matter to us since Rule is built and handsome?

The eventful happenings and jaunts on the side kept the book moving and the introduction of Abby’s brother, Noah, added a nice twist. The lecherous young demon that is hiding out in Abby is a crack-up when he pipes in with his thoughts.

Kate Reading’s ability to bring these characters alive in such an entertaining manner makes The Demon You Know well worth my time. My advice - tune out the heroine and enjoy everything else that happens as the series progresses.

Breakdown of Grade - Narration A Book Content B-

Unabridged. Length - 9 hours 17 minutes. This review was written for the 8/22/11 Speaking of Audiobooks column.

Reviewed by Brenda Lee
Grade : B

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : August 11, 2011

Publication Date: 2011/07

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