The Geek Girl Squad: Rosie
Grade : B

The Geek Girl Squad: Rosie is a very pleasant, quick read of a romance with enjoyable characters, but some of the plot elements keep the book from DIK level.

Rosie McGann has a very busy life. She is a super competent nurse whose close relationship to the other members of the Geek Girl Squad – Olivia and Nadia (heroines of books one and two in the series) her friends since elementary school – is really all she needs in her life. Or so it seems.

Then Matt Lundholm, Olivia’s little brother, moves back to town to work on his hotel management internship. Matt likes Rosie and has since he was a teenager and she was… a little older than that. Rosie likes Matt. But Matt promised Olivia he’d never risk The Squad’s closeness by dating one of Olivia’s friends. But now Matt and Rosie are living in the same building, leading both of them into temptation. Can Matt make Rosie see him as a romantic option instead Olivia’s perma kid brother and finally work his way out of what the book calls the “Little Brother Zone”?

The plot here is definitely a little juvenile. That doesn’t mean that Matt and Rosie are bad people, but it does mean they’re stuck in an adolescent holding pattern, and put way too much value on what Olivia – who has her own happy relationship – thinks of their new found connection. This can be grating and sometimes immature, even when the two of them are at their cutest.

We have a virgin hero here, and he’s pretty fairly adorkable, even though there’s a lot of awkward going on in the surrounding plot. We have Rosie learning to stand up for herself and be a better nurse. And we have a groan-worthy third act I-will-push-you-away-and-be-noble plot twist. Authors, can we please cease and desist with this one?

Overall, The Geek Girl Squad: Rosie has some easy to love people doing some not-quite-easy to love things, but the author’s voice rings true enough for me to give it a B.

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Reviewed by Lisa Fernandes

Grade: B

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : October 8, 2022

Publication Date: 09/2022

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