The Great Scot
Grade : C

The picture on the cover of The Great Scot is a wonderful bit of eye candy and I wouldn’t mind having a poster of it. The story inside the wonderful cover is okay, but I never lost myself in it as I often do in a particularly good one.

Erin McGregor is the location coordinator for Your Prince Charming, a reality TV show filmed in some of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. Right now, she has a problem; the location where they were set to shoot the current season is unavailable. Following a tip, Erin makes her way to Glenshire castle in Scotland. She is vastly impressed by the beautiful although somewhat crumbling castle and even more so by its laird, Dylan Chisholm, who is stunningly handsome.

Glenshire has been the home of the Chisholm clan for centuries, but it’s fallen on hard times and needs lots of repair, so Dylan has plans to turn part of it into a bed and breakfast. Erin wants Glenshire to be the next location for the show, but Dylan has some qualms. Erin manages to persuade him to allow the show to be filmed there, promising him that the show will pay him handsomely. As they bargain, she begins to fall for him (look at the cover – wouldn’t any sane woman?) and they share a hot kiss that leaves them both shaken. When Erin’s producer proposes that Dylan be the upcoming season’s Prince Charming, she isn’t all that thrilled with the idea.

I really couldn’t find anything that would make me excited about this book, but I couldn’t find anything much wrong with it either. It’s bland, none of the characters are particularly interesting, and I found myself in reading hypnosis mode several times – I’d be reading, realize that several pages had passed and that I had no recollection of having read them, so I’d go back and re-read only to find out I hadn’t missed much.

Erin and Dylan are both nice enough characters with sorrow in their pasts – they don’t dwell on their problems, not do they angst overly much - but they simply aren't all that interesting. Although the book was nicely written, it just lacked that certain something that would have made it come alive. It was like a perfectly cooked dish, but the cook had forgotten to season it.

While The Great Scot was an average book, the cover was way above average. Talk about smoldering and sexy – the guy on the cover is all that and more. Kudos to the art department. And if you are particularly fond of romances with Scottish settings, the setting alone might lead you to like this one more than I did. As I said, it’s not bad, just not memorable.

Reviewed by Ellen Micheletti
Grade : C

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : June 19, 2007

Publication Date: 2007

Review Tags: Scotland reality tv

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