The League of Gentlewomen Witches
Grade : B+

What a charming, imaginative book!  The League of Gentlewoman Witches continues the Dangerous Damsels series with fun and aplomb.  Want a romance about a witch and a pirate?  Then look no further.

Miss Charlotte Pettifer is the future leader of the titular league, and prophesized heiress of Black Beryl, and thus she has the awesome responsibility of the coven resting on her slim shoulders.  Witches practice magic quietly – they do not make a huge show of it – and their mortal enemies are pirates, who practice thievery and fly houses about and draw much attention to themselves.

Alex O’Riley is one such pirate, and he is as handsome, roguish and cunning as one would imagine.  The League and the pirates – and the rest of their world – have their eyes on the long-lost amulet of Black Beryl, which has been discovered and put on display at the British Museum.  With so many factions fighting for it and to salvage the coven’s future – and with a hefty fee in it for Alex – the Charlotte and Alex team up to snatch the amulet from its display.  Adventure, love, duels and other complications set in.

This book rollicks and it rolls. The League of Gentlewoman Witches gives us memorable characters (when will Charlotte’s mother and grandmother get their own books?), interesting world-building and a lighthearted, irreverent sense of storytelling. I actually liked this one more than the first volume in the series.

Don’t come to this book if you’re looking for heavy drama – but if you want to scheme and plot with the best, you’ll have fun with this.  Charlotte grows up and discovers herself, and Alex is a fine provocation in that respect.  There is much ground to cover, many magical deeds committed, and a lot of beautiful prose to chronicle it.  The whole novel is an enjoyable endeavor.

The League of Gentlewomen Witches has punch and verve, and makes for one heck of ride.  It’s romantic, sensual and a lot of fun, too.

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Reviewed by Lisa Fernandes

Grade: B+

Book Type: Historical Romance

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : March 14, 2022

Publication Date: 03/2022

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