Desert Isle Keeper

The Mother Road

Meghan Quinn

Fashion blogger Marley McMann is a little shocked when her father and brother arrive on her L.A. doorstep in the family’s old camper to take her on a cross-country road trip. A family vacation traveling Route 66 had been the dream of her late mother and Marley cannot pass up this last chance to bond with her remaining family before life keeps pulling them in separate directions. What begins as a sentimental journey very quickly veers into National Lampoon’s Vacation territory as Marley falls prey to the reality of living in close quarters with two rather slovenly men. She might have forgiven all the disgusting habits and her brother’s childish behavior until one prank has her mooning a passing hitchhiker who turns out to be Porter Smith, her brother’s best friend and the love of Marley’s life.

Porter probably should have said “No” to his best friend’s idea to join him and his family on their cross-country vacation. Being so close to Marley reminds him of the night he let himself get too close to her and ended up breaking her heart. Hoping that the time together might heal old wounds, Porter accepts her cold attitude and angry glares until he can apologize for the way things ended between them. As Route 66 takes them both far away from their comfort zones Porter and Marley begin the even longer road to forgiveness and possibly rekindling the affection they had for each other long ago.

The Mother Road is an entertaining and emotional trip through the choices people make to be happy and find that one person who understands them. Marley and Porter both made mistakes in the past that they regret but it’s seeing those decisions through more mature eyes that creates understanding. There is never a doubt that their love was stronger than their anger or fears, yet it takes the journey (both literal and figurative) for them to find the place where they can embrace that love. I have never laughed harder while reading a book than I did through Marley’s misadventures. From Truth or Dare games involving Funyuns, crazy hippies still preaching free love and the quest to find the perfect American hot dog, there is much to enjoy in this book.

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Reviewer :      Sara Elliott

Grade :     A-

Sensuality :      Warm

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