The Nobleman and the Spy

Bonnie Dee

I’ve definitely been in a M/M historical kick recently. I blame K.J. Charles. But I’ve already finished all (but one!) of those, so I was looking to branch out a bit. And then I found this one. Jonathan Reese, hero number one, is a former soldier and now a spy for England. Hero number two is one Karl von Binder, son of a count and, in the past at least, an enemy fighter. But Jonathan remembers when Karl spared his life, and spying on his one-time savior turns pretty quickly from a regular mission to constant contact. And Karl knows about it.

I really enjoyed both Karl and Jonathan, and how their past influenced their relationship. Jonathan starts out a spy but quickly becomes Karl’s bodyguard. I love how open Karl is with his life and sexuality, especially in a country, during a time, where homosexuality was illegal.

The illegality of their sexuality, however, wasn’t really handled or mentioned much at all, and the end was a bit rushed with how the political intrigue parts were handled, but other than that I enjoyed it overall.

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Reviewer :      Melanie Bopp

Grade :     B+

Sensuality :      Hot

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