The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake
Grade : A-

Although Foxglove Corners may be covered in snow, school-teaching sleuth Jennet Greenway’s mind is focused on spring and her upcoming marriage. And, with Christmas only a few weeks away, Jennet looks forward to spending time with her fiancé, Crane, as well as friends and family. But her perfect Christmas takes a turn for the worse when three mysterious white collies cross her path during a fierce snowstorm. Jennet is driven off the road and, fearful that she may’ve hit one of the dogs, searches through the forest until the cold drives her back to her car. Once home, Crane assures her that he will look for the dogs in the morning, but Jennet realizes that she has lost the antique locket he gave her for their engagement in the woods. Frantic over the dogs and the lost locket, Jennet returns to the forest in the morning only to find the body of a murdered man, covered with snow.

Jennet drives to the nearest store, Past Perfect, to phone in her grisly discovery. But, Past Perfect has its own share of dark secrets. According to shop-clerk Annica, almost every item for sale in the antique store has a dark past. The other shopkeeper, Rosemary, seems sweet and accommodating, but her relationship with the storeowner, Griff, is stormy. And, Griff himself seems violent and moody. Although local law enforcement assures Jennet that Andy Maulever’s killer was human, residents believe that a cougar may be to blame — or wild dogs.

Jennet hasn’t given up her search for the collies and continues her investigation until she finds a lovely oil painting of them in the antique shop. The painting shows an auburn-haired woman looking out over a misty landscape and three ghostly dogs partially hidden by the fog. Could this be a picture of the mysterious collies...and what does their appearance mean? The artist and Annica tell Jennet that sighting the ghost dogs of Lost Lake always brings bad luck. Jennet, who has been saved by furry heroes in the past, finds it hard to believe that such beautiful creatures could be anything but helpful. But, what are the dogs trying to tell her? And, as she is drawn further into the mystery of Andy Maulever’s death, will the ghost dogs be able to save her? Will she heed their warning before it is too late or will she be another victim of the killer?

The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake is the perfect holiday treat; a warm and cozy mystery with just the right mix of mystery, romance, and paranormal thrills and chills! Jennet is as lovable as ever. She’s the perfect modern day sleuth - smart, self-sufficient, and endowed with the fashion-sense that always eluded Miss Marple. And, with Jennet and Crane’s marriage only months away, there’s plenty of opportunity for steamy scenes in front of a holiday fire, not to mention Jennet’s first brush with Crane’s relatives. Jennet and Crane are always adorable together. Her no-nonsense attitude and practical good nature balances well against his romanticism and need to play the hero. Although Jennet is not a woman who needs a knight in shining armor, she still appreciates the effort. And, Crane is reliable and romantic to his core.

Ms. Bodoin’s writing is brilliant. Her characters sparkle, the dialogue is great, the romance is sweet, and the mystery is fulfilling. This is by far my favorite of the Foxglove Corners mystery series. It kept me guessing to the very end and longing for the next installment. Believe it or not, I actually let a café latte get cold reading this one. And, if you knew my addiction to coffee, you’d really appreciate what that means! This is a great gift for any mystery lover; I know I'll be buying additional copies for friends. Good work, Ms. Bodoin!

Grade : A-
Book Type: Mystery

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : November 30, 2006

Publication Date: 2006

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