Too Hot to Sleep
Grade : B

Georgia Adams is a registered nurse at a Birmingham hospital. Her life is ordinary and routine, but she’s got sexual urges that just are not being satisfied by her very mundane boyfriend Rob, who, after ten months of dating, still hasn’t pressed her for sex. She’s frustrated and, in her opinion, at thirty, not getting any younger. A good friend suggests she try a little experiment with Rob by calling him and initiating phone sex to hopefully break the ice. Trouble is Georgia just got a new phone, and in her attempt to program her auto-dial numbers, she mis-programs Rob’s by one number. The night she bravely calls him to attempt phone sex for the first time, she gets someone else instead.

Ken Medlock is a commitment-shy cop who’s having trouble sleeping due to job pressures. When he gets a two a.m. call from Georgia who calls him Rob, he’s about to tell her she has the wrong number when she informs him she’s not wearing panties. Hmmm. Ken, being an ordinary, sex-hungry guy who hasn’t been in a relationship in a while, begins to think “below the belt” and plays along. A day later, by chance, he meets Georgia at the hospital and is so attracted to her that when he learns, again by chance, that she’s the same Georgia who called his home all hot and horny the night before, he instantly wants to get to know her personally.

Too Hot to Sleep is a totally fun book with great, arousing sex, but it’s not going to be for everybody. Many of the early erotic scenes are of the characters “going solo” with their shared intimacy only through the phone. But these love scenes are handled very well by the author. Even though masturbation is implied (and it’s obvious that’s what’s happening), it’s never stated outright or graphically, and it’s carefully done so as not to be offensive, though there will likely be some who disagree.

Sex aside, the romance is thoroughly enjoyable, and felt very real given that there were no babies, cowboys, billionaires, or royalty anywhere to be found. It was a refreshing story that centered on plain old ordinary people going about their everyday lives. Ken is also sufficiently disturbed by his lustful reactions to Georgia’s erotic fantasies, and in taking late night sex meant for Georgia’s boyfriend, for this reviewer to empathize with him. And Georgia, with her own misgivings, is learning to adore and admire the average, albeit great-looking, cop who keeps popping up into her life when she’s scolding herself for thinking of him instead of Rob.

There were a couple of problems with the book. Ms. Bond is a talented author, but occasionally the dialogue seemed to come out of the mouths of people older than Ken and Georgia, as if it were a bit too formal for thirty-somethings. The love story also took place in a matter of days, which seemed somewhat unrealistic for a man who, for thirty-seven years, avoided commitment at all costs. And of course what are the chances that Georgia wouldn’t recognize Ken’s voice, or know his wasn’t Rob’s after that first encounter, even with the author’s plausible reasons for this? Still, there were some laughable lines, too, and I read this book in one sitting, becoming tense as I tried to assess how Georgia might react to Ken when she learned the truth. And when she does learn, the moment is page-gripping.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a different, sexually enticing read. Too Hot to Sleep is an erotic fantasy that will make any reader want to pick up the phone and dial her lonely husband some late night when he’s staying at the Marriott on business. In a word. . . yum.

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Grade : B
Book Type: Series Romance

Sensuality: Burning

Review Date : June 10, 2000

Publication Date: 2000/06

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