Unlawful Contact
Grade : B+

Narrated by Kaleo Griffith

Marc Hunter is duking it out with Gabe Rossiter (Naked Edge) for my favorite I-Team hero so far. So I had high expectations when I started this listen. Happily for me, those expectations were met and my love for Marc (and Kaleo Griffiths’ narration) remains.

Sophie Alton is a reporter for the Denver Independent’s prestigious I-Team. She’s been following a young woman’s story for well over a year. Megan Rawlings is the troubled young woman, struggling with drug addiction, who has been in and out of prison. Pregnant when she was last incarcerated, she gave birth cuffed to a bed, with no access to pain relief and uncaring staff.

Now Megan is getting her life together. On a supervised visit with her daughter, she takes off with baby Emily and is on the run. A large amount of heroin is found in her halfway house room.

Marc Hunter, Megan’s half brother, is in prison serving a life sentence for murder. Hearing of Megan’s flight, he resolves to break out of prison to help her, convinced Megan’s life is in danger. He’s right. Sophie and Marc have some history but Sophie does not recognize her teenage love “Hunt” in the bearded prisoner who takes her hostage and escapes with her.

The book then charts the course of Marc’s search for Megan and Emily, his search for those who are after her, and his love for Sophie. Sophie becomes enmeshed in the investigation and soon her life is in danger too. Given Marc’s life sentence, it doesn’t seem there can be a happy ending for them. Just as well this is a romance!

For fans of the series, the much-loved bromance between Julian Darcangelo (Hard Evidence) and Marc begins in this book, too. Having Julian and Marc in a room together is something special, I tell you. Hearing them is even better.

Marc is an alpha protector hero and he’s been carrying a torch for Sophie for over twelve years. He needed a deep sexy voice to match the hard-muscled body and charismatic personality. Subtly different from Julian’s huskier rasp, Kaleo Griffith again delivers a wonderful hero voice, which matches the character perfectly. Sophie’s voice is a soft and not at all drag-y (thankfully) and while it is not exactly a female’s voice, I was always able to differentiate her from the other distinctly performed female characters. I particularly liked Mr. Griffith’s depiction of Kat James (Naked Edge), which clearly showed her Navajo heritage. And Natalie Benoit (Breaking Point) was definitely from New Orleans!

I do have a couple of minor quibbles. On occasion through the listen, both Sophie and Marc sounded Hispanic and this wasn’t the case for either of them. When Marc and Julian yelled, they sounded pretty much the same, even though their speaking voices were different.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Unlawful Contact and revisiting a favorite story and beloved hero. If you like romantic suspense, you really can’t go further than this book. And, while I love all the books, you can start here if you want to.

Breakdown of Grade – Narration: B+ and Book Content: B+

Reviewed by Kaetrin Allen

Grade: B+

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : January 25, 2013

Publication Date: 2012/12

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