Wolf at the Door
Grade : A-

Narrated by Kate Reading

I’d describe Wolf at the Door as a big roasted marshmallow. There’s nothing to really sink your teeth into – just some fluff and some heat. If I were reading this book I would have been bored more than once but listening is another story. Kate Reading is a wonderfully talented narrator and she gave the book exactly what it needed to keep me listening and laughing. There’s a whole potpourri of accents to enjoy plus she catches the personalities and attitudes of each character and portrays them perfectly.

Wolf at the Door is the first in The Others series. Basically, any being that is not human is an Other. Sullivan Quinn has come from Ireland to New York with a contingent of Europeans to convince the American Others that it’s time to reveal themselves to the Human Faction before an enemy does. Cassidy Poe, the granddaughter of one of the American Council members, is called upon because of her expertise in cultural anthropology. Cassidy and Quinn are assigned to work together to discover if there really is a need to “unveil” to the Humans. Quinn is all for the unveiling. Cassidy is not.

Kate Reading supplied me with several laugh out loud moments with this typical fated-to-be-mated story from 2006. She also added the creep factor to the villains when it came time. Fans of MaryJanice Davidson’s Queen Betsy or Molly Harper’s Jane Jamison will enjoy the same type of light fare here. Just as with those two authors, Christine Warren has received the bonus of a gifted narrator – one who transforms the audio experience into an even better ride than the print.

Breakdown of Grade - Narration A+ Book Content B+

Reviewed by Brenda Lee
Grade : A-

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : July 11, 2011

Publication Date: 2011

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  1. This sounds great. I’ve been reading a lot of historical mysteries lately and loving them, though less Victorian and more…

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