Wyoming Winter Rescue
Grade : B

Juno Rushdan's action-packed thrillers tend to be brimming over with narrow escapes and plenty of plot, and Wyoming Winter Rescue definitely did not disappoint on that score.

Because her suspense plots tend to pack in a lot of action, I’ve noticed that the best of Ms. Rushdan’s books involve characters who have some kind of history before the opening of the book. It’s hard to develop a romance from scratch when you’re tying together lots of plot threads, so I think it helps if there’s already some kind of rapport between the leads for the author to use as a starting point.  In this case, Lynn Delgado and Nash Garner had dated previously, so there’s already that tension between them when they get thrown together.

The story throws readers into the action right away. Lynn Delgado is a psychotherapist, and the novel opens with a patient of hers becoming violent in the midst of a crisis. As someone who was worked with folks who are severely mentally ill, I found this scene very upsetting. It does tie into the overall plot of the book, but I have to admit that I wished it had been handled differently because it was quite triggering.

Several weeks later, Lynn is held hostage by a man in her car. This episode is seemingly unrelated to the traumatic encounter at her office, but pulls Lynn into a larger overall hunt for a serial killer who has been abducting women. He seems to have Lynn in his sights, and when the FBI is called in, Nash is determined to protect Lynn.

As the story develops, we learn that Lynn ended things with Nash because he compartmentalized so much of his life, and she couldn’t handle the barriers he put in place. She wanted a deeper and more honest emotional connection. While this story has the two of them caught in some stressful and dangerous situations, it does throw them together in ways that allow them to reassess their relationship. I appreciated that aspect of the story even though they go from caution to speeding through to an HEA awfully quickly. While the suspense plot moves well at warp speed, the development of the romance feels like whiplash sometimes.

Speaking of the suspense plot, the author does a good job of throwing out clues to the overall scheme without making it either too obvious or too obscure. I did end up figuring it out before the leads do, but there are enough plot twists thrown in that I have to admit I wasn’t always sure of my conclusion.

I found the investigation interesting, and I kept turning the pages as I avidly followed the track of the investigators. The heroine has a couple of dangerously clueless moments, but I did enjoy Wyoming Winter Rescue overall.

Reviewed by Lynn Spencer
Grade : B

Sensuality: Subtle

Review Date : October 18, 2023

Publication Date: 10/2022

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