Sex Lounge

Sex Lounge has a catchy title, but other than that, the hero and heroine are two people who have major issues that they need to work out separately. And for erotica, this book's sex read uneffectively and left me cold. Nichole has a notebook of all her sexual fantasies. She works ...

Three Kinds Of Asking For It

Three Kinds of Asking for It is an erotic anthology containing three new novellas, each about a character seeking to fulfill a particular sexual desire. ...

Naughty Fairy Tales from A to Z

This is an anthology edited by Alison Tyler Anyone who reads romance novels quickly learns not to judge books by their covers, but I have to admit to a weakness for titles. A clever title will reel me in even if it's sprawled across the ugliest cover ever. So naturally I was entranced by this book: ...

Sticky Fingers

Alison Tyler’s latest book, Sticky Fingers, takes the reader into the world of a professional thief and sexual thrill seeker. This book is not for the faint at heart. Nor is it for anyone seeking even a smidgen of romance, even though the cover calls it "an erotic romance." Nonsense; this is pure ...

Cooking Up a Storm

First things first: Cooking Up a Storm is billed by the publisher (Cheek is an imprint of Virgin Books) as an "erotic romance," but it was previously published in 1998 by Black Lace (a line of erotica novels for women). There is a sex scene on page four and nearly every page thereafter contains eith ...


Emma Holly is one of the better known erotica authors; although her current historical Beyond Innocence is near the top of my TBR pile, I had previously read and enjoyed a couple of her contemporary erotica books, including one of her most famous titles, Menage. Thirty-three year old Kate Winthro ...


Who'da thunk it? Lofting, the first erotica I've ever reviewed, is flat-out the most intellectual, vocabulary-straining book I've read all year. Somebody once likened reading Judith Ivory to "sipping coffee in my kitchen, being told stories by an intelligent friend." Well, Alma Marceau writes like t ...