One Perfect Gift

The word I would use to describe Kathleen Morgan’s Christmas inspirational romance, One Perfect Gift, is “thin.” It’s a hardcover book, but a most slender volume – only 152 pages of real story; which doesn’t leave a whole lot of page space for either romantic plot or Christmas message. What you end up getting is…

The Dove

I adore stories in which lovers get a second chance at finding their way to one another. With that in mind, I gladly picked up The Dove expecting a wonderful story of young lovers separated and then given a second chance together. Unfortunately, the petulant behavior of the hero and a heroine far too modern…

The Love Song

As a newcomer to the romance’s inspirational sub-genre, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I picked up The Love Song. What I found was a sweet story with good characters, but some imperfections in the writing. Clair O’Neal had a neglected childhood, with no friends, or affection from her father. Now, as a…

Lady of Milkweed Manor

Lady of Milkweed Manor is a debut book for new author Julie Klassen. It’s a sweet story and a promising start. A vicar’s daughter from a small English town, Charlotte Lamb is kicked out of her house and cut off from her family when she commits the ultimate societal sin: Becoming pregnant without being married….

Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues is the first book in a new inspirational imprint by Avon and is the first in a series called The Piper Cove Chronicles. Nothing in Windsor’s book particularly grabbed me, making it a less than auspicious launch. That’s not to say that it was a bad story, but it wasn’t great either….

Yellow Rose Bride

The hero and heroine in Yellow Rose Bride have a long and interesting history, which makes this inspirational romance quite touching. I enjoy inspirational historicals like Lori Copeland’s because they usually lack the contrived conflict and drama that occasionally occurs in other romances, especially historicals. Vonnie Taylor is the cherished adopted daughter of Teague and…

Grave Risk

The latest entry in Hannah Alexander’s popular Hideaway series is one that will please readers who enjoy a good small-town mystery novel. No SEALs, secret agents, or fast-paced urban world here, simply residents of a small town in the Ozarks trying to live their lives and discover the truth behind the terrible events plaguing them….

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