Medieval Romance

An English Bride in Scotland

I may never reread An English Bride in Scotland, but I don’t resent or regret the time I’ve spent with it. This lighthearted, sometimes comical romp through Scotland was just fine for a lazy summer afternoon. No, it’s not going to make my DIK pile, but it certainly doesn’t belong in the tras ...

The Chieftain

In my pre-reviewer days, this book would have been a did-not-finish for me. It’s not a horrible book, but character inconsistencies nearly gave me eyestrain from excessive rolling. The Chieftain is the last in a series of books, and while it can stand alone well enough, I wonder if the history of ...

Seduction of a Highland Warrior

Seduction of a Highland Warrior is the final book in the three part Glen of Many Legends series. I have not read the first two books in this series, but Sue-Ellen Welfonder did a good job of filling the reader in on the important background from the previous two books. Therefore this book does well ...

The Highlander's Stolen Touch

The Highlander’s Stolen Touch is an earnest medieval full of well-meaning characters who try to do the right thing for their clan - whatever their personal desires might be. I liked the characters and the feeling of historical accuracy, but the plot did not quite work for me.         ...

Highland Lover

I’ve read a few Amanda Scott books over the years, and they generally come in around the B-/C+ range for me. Highland Lover is similar to the others I’ve read; the historical research is well done, and the plot is just slightly slow and plodding. A slightly-too-naive heroine kicked the grade dow ...

True Highland Spirit

When I am not reading romance novels, one of my favorite authors is Dan Brown. I just love the puzzles and intrigues of his Robert Langdon books. That is what made True Highland Spirit a real pleasure for me to read. It was the historical romance version of a Dan Brown novel. Mor ...

His Destiny

Secret keeping between the hero and heroine is always a problem when it comes to romance. While characters can keep secrets and hide their identities through lies of omission, those are easily forgiven if the characters are engaging and likeable. However, if the deceit is not handled correctly, th ...

Knight Everlasting

I had never read Jackie Ivie’s work before reading Knight Everlasting, and I am afraid that I am unlikely to read anything again. There is just something missing from this story. It starts out with the hero, Aiden, saving Juliana from an attack by English soldiers somewhere in the ...

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior is a book I liked but didn’t love. It’s somewhat unique in that the couple has already been married for several years at the start of the book. And that’s several years where they have been together, not several years during which one or the other ran off becaus ...


How accurate do you want your historical romances? That’s a question that I grapple with every once in a while as I’m reading. When a story is too overly modern—with Medieval heroines spouting feminist beliefs from the latter half of the twentieth century—and getting away with these diatribe ...