Dark Economy

Raise your hand if you think grave robbing is sexy and romantic. No one? Yeah, me neither. But it was definitely a staple of medical students and full-fledged doctors in the 1820s. Somehow, the author of Dark Economy makes both the mystery and the characters shine on their gothic backdrop. I’m not sure how the…

The Dragon’s Curse

I generally don’t pick up books I think I’ll hate. The Dragon’s Curse by Victoria Zagar looked like it could be great, with a terrible racial war, two men fighting against the war and their families (or rather, one family, the other isn’t bad at all), and dragons. But that story was not this story….

Home the Hard Way

I love flawed characters. They make a story so much more interesting. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to read about a perfect hero and heroine (or in this case, hero and hero.) I want the characters to be approachable, and since I am in no way perfect, I want to…

Gilded by Karina Cooper

I found Gilded hard to review and hard to grade. There are many things I liked about it, particularly the setting, world-building, and primary characters. But though I fundamentally got the story arc, I wasn’t very happy with the way this book ended. This book is the second of The St. Croix Chronicles, described as…

The End of the Innocence

Goode’s sequel to Tales from Foster High is a thought-provoking cautionary tale about what love and hate mean. High school seniors Kyle and Brad start the year thinking about sex and end the first semester knowing what real love and compassion are. Told in alternating perspectives, this book sets a lively pace from the outset….

Conquest by S. J. Frost

Every teen musician’s dream of becoming a rock star is central to this romance about the perils and sacrifices endemic to the big time. When burnt out megastar Evan Arden hears Jesse Alexander perform, he’s blown away and drags his mentor and record producer to hear Jesse. From these humble beginnings, a great career blossoms….

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