Paranormal Romance

Something About Witches

I knew when I received this book for review that I was in for a treat. What I didn't know is that this latest series revisits the world of Justin Herne, the hero from If Wishes Were Horses, a long time resident of my keeper shelf. Once again Ms. Hill takes the reader on a delicious exploration of BD ...

Oracle's Moon

After the first frenzied read of a fan, I knew I considered Oracle’s Moon to be a DIK. But as a review should be from a less biased perspective, I knew I had to read it a second time with a whole new mindset. Searching for flaws that a fan would overlook, instead I found even more strengths that m ...

Slade: The Shadow Wranglers

Slade is the last cowboy-vampire Johnson brother as yet unmated. He's the technological genius of the resistance fighters known as Renegades, a group comprised of the Johnsons, weres and others (?) who try to keep the evil Sanctuary in check. But where is an exhausted, overworked, and under-apprecia ...

The Departed

Psychic FBI agent Desiree Lincoln works with a team of other psychic agents recruited by Special Agent Taylor Jones to solve difficult cases. Desiree's talents allow her to speak to the dead. As The Departed opens, Desiree (Dez) arrives on the scene just as Taylor's team is about to invade the home ...

Immortal Hope

Why do I find errors pertaining to academe so annoying? They can kill an otherwise good book for me. Immortal Hope is a) full of such errors and b) is not an otherwise good book.  Anne MacPherson has just moved into a new home in Atchison, Kansas. She’s a doctoral candidate studying the Knight ...

Haunted Warrior

Haunted Warrior doesn’t seem to know what type of world it is building. Is the hero a ghost? Is he an immortal? Is he a warlock? He seems to spend time as all three, and the unfortunate truth about this book was that I never really cared to know the answer because nothing in the characters or ...

Within the Flames

One advantage that romance series have over other genre series is that they can change up the characters. While the Harry Potter books require a deft writer who can show us both character growth and story progression, a romance author can introduce a new couple every novel and only minimally progres ...

That Old Black Magic

Light and fluffy paranormals sometimes really don’t work for me. Humor is so subjective and mine tends to lean quite a bit in the, let’s say, “warped” direction. You can imagine my delight though at finding a book that tickled my funny bone without insulting my intelligence or sacrificing th ...


I know I’m not alone when I say that I am so over vampires. And werewolves. And demons. And faeries. I crave originality. I long for fantasies that don’t leverage the tired old clichés of those supernatural beings. So you can imagine my glee when I found this urban fantasy that delivers on its ...

The Lure of Song and Magic

When it comes to plot, sometimes less is more. This is certainly the case with The Lure of Song and Magic, which is bogged down by a convoluted storyline that in the end, didn’t make much sense. Dylan “Oz” Oswin is a fabulously successful Hollywood producer with a tragic ...