Paranormal Romance

The Presence

Have you heard the one about the modern day couple haunted by their doomed love in an earlier life? Well, Heather Graham thinks you're ready to hear it again - mixed in with a some serial killer stuff, of course, just to make sure all those "romantic suspense" bases are covered. Frankly, there's ...

A College of Magics

We meet Faris Nallaneen, the gawky eighteen-year-old duchess of Galazon, just as she arrives as a new student at Greenlaw College, a finishing school in northern France. Faris was sent to school against her will by her uncle Becker, who is ruling the independent duchy of Galazon in her absence. Fari ...

Essence of Midnight

To put it simply, you've got one very good story here, another slightly less so, and one true abomination that manages to be both stupid and offensive. Quite an accomplishment, don't you think? The stories in this hot anthology are loosely tied together by an old bottle said to enhance the paranor ...

Hot Blooded

The stories in this erotic romance anthology are all about heroines who fall in love with powerful, shape-changing heroes, some of whom are also vampires. All of the stories are extremely sensual; the latter two unquestionably cross the line from hot to burning. ...


I was hoping to enjoy Cravings more than I did as I've read and enjoyed the work of each of these authors before, and I do relish the occasional dip into paranormal fiction. Unfortunately, the stories here mostly came up short. ...

Gone To The Dogs

I have to admit, I chose Gone To The Dogs because the premise sounded so ridiculous that at least I would have plenty to write about, even if it were only to complain. But what I actually found was a rather pleasant book with likable characters and amusing side commentary by none other than a dog. ...

Master of Ecstasy

There are plenty of romances with humorous covers that don't reflect the serious story inside. But I'm not sure I've ever seen a cover this serious on a book as unserious as Master of Ecstasy. The cover is so dark and brooding most readers would never guess what a goofy and outlandish story lurks in ...

Wanted: One Perfect Man

Judi McCoy's Wanted: One Perfect Man has a very original and rather fun paranormal setup. It falters in execution, though, and is likely to be enjoyed most by those who don’t closely examine the plot. Robert Lotello is in hiding. Six years ago he abandoned his career as an astronomer ...

The Twilight Before Christmas

I enjoyed Christine Feehan's first story about the magical Drake sisters in the Lover Beware anthology earlier this year and looked forward to seeing more of them. I can't say the same after reading her second story about them in The Twilight Before Christmas. It has a beautiful, atmospheric cover ...

Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate was one of the first werewolf books I read, and it's still one of my favorites, second only to Kelley Armstrong's Bitten. I stumbled across it on a list of recommended young adult books. It was a 1998 American Library Association Best Book and Quick Pick for teens, which basic ...