Paranormal Romance

One Bright Star

One Bright Star contains many elements of a romance. It is a contemporary, an adventure, a paranormal, as well as science fiction, and while the contemporary/adventure elements shine, the science fiction fizzles. Imaginative story elements are combined here to intrigue the reader, but it is done at ...

An Angel for Emily

An Angel for Emily could best be described as a contemporary/paranormal/suspense/reincarnation/romance story, or, in other words, too much. You know how stress can make you feel like eating a whole bag of Oreos in one sitting? Well, that's about how I felt when I finished reading this book; I was c ...

Knight of a Trillion Stars

Knight of a Trillion Stars launched Dara Joy as one of the more sensual (to put it mildly!) romance writers around. It is followed by Rejar and you really ought to read them both in order to get the full effect. Deana Jones is having a horrible day. She's just been fired, and when she goes to the ...