Regency Romance

Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem

I love going to different destinations via a good romance. Something about exotic locales just seems to blend so well with love and adventure. It is especially exciting when it combines a new place with a previous time. The mixing of the past with the foreign evokes for me what lush romance is all a ...

Lady Elizabeth's Comet

Heroines with a scientific bent seem a dime a dozen in historical romance at the moment; some of them are credible, others less so. One of the earliest and most convincing heroines of this kind that I know of is Lady Elizabeth Conway in Sheila Simonson’s Lady Elizabeth’s Comet, which was first p ...

One Night is Never Enough

Anne Mallory’s One Night is Never Enough is as close to perfect as any love story I’ve read in recent memory. I bet it’s the best historical romance I’ll read this year and, yes, I know it’s only March. Ms. Mallory gets better and better with each novel she pens. Her last work, The Seve ...

Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter

Sometimes a book doesn’t work because the plot is so outlandish that you can’t possibly believe it could ever occur. Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter has the opposite problem. I could well believe that the hero and heroine’s annoying conflict and pedestrian arguments could happen. Doubtless ...


Allow me to begin by saying I have not read a single Georgette Heyer book in print. I have, however, listened to three of her audiobooks and, although I’m far from being proficient in all things Heyer, I can lay claim to the opinion that you can’t read just one. I’m slowly exploring the audio ...

Emily and the Dark Angel

Comfort reads occupy an unusually clear-cut place on a reading shelf. These are the books of unconditional love. They may or may not be the best romances ever written, and I can count several comfort reads that do not qualify as such. But every year, or even more often, I go back to them for the com ...

Regency Christmas Proposals

Ah, Christmas anthology season. Give me some mistletoe, maybe the odd yule log, and I’m happy. Regency Christmas Proposals is a nice addition to the holiday subgenre. With two solidly good stories - and one guilty pleasure - it’s just the sort of read I look forward to this time of year. ...

The Accidental Wedding

Maddy Woodford is the Regency version of the woman who does too much. She cares for her orphaned half-siblings as if they were her own children, she keeps her modest house spotlessly tidy, and she helps the needy in her community. But Maddy doesn’t dream of having it all—she’s given up on find ...

The Viscount and the Virgin

The Viscount and the Virgin had a very old-fashioned feel to it. Not so much in the purple prose sense, but in the too many exclamation points and ridiculous misunderstandings sense. The title doesn’t help either. Imogen Hebden doesn’t really have a lot going for her. Her mother ...

Never Less Than a Lady

Never Less Than a Lady is Mary Jo Putney’s second installment in her Lost Lords series and, while it’s better than many romances on the market, as a longtime fan of the author, I was disappointed. Without a doubt Mrs. Putney is one of the greats of the romance genre, but if you’re looking for ...