Romantic Suspense

Death Angel

Narrated by Joyce Bean Back in 2008, I hesitantly picked up the print version of Death Angel wondering if I could enjoy a romance featuring a cold-blooded assassin and a mistress to a drug lord. My curiosity combined with faith in Linda Howard and an appreciation for edgy heroes rewarded me after ...

Caught in the Act

It’s a rare feat when a romantic suspense story strikes the perfect balance between a believable suspense plot and a satisfying romance. I’m pleased to say that this is one of them. Weekly trips into Tijuana, Mexico are a necessity for Karina Strauss as owner of an upscale store in San Diego ...

Beautiful Sacrifice

What most people know about the Maya begins and ends with the facts that they lived in Central America, they had bloody sacrifices, and the world will end in December. Beautiful Sacrifice takes the apocalyptic paranoia and turns it into a fast paced and interesting mystery surrounding violent human ...

Edge of Light

If you like your romantic suspense dark and gritty, Edge of Light is worth checking out. When I'm thinking of romantic getaways, a dungeon in Cambodia doesn't exactly top my list, so the setting of this book should be the reader's first clue that we're not getting a warm, cozy romp. However, the a ...

Shades of Desire

It’s rare to see a hero or heroine with disabilities. I can count on one hand the books I’ve heard of - much less books I’ve read - that have a major character in a wheelchair, or with brain damage, or, as is the heroine in Shades of Desire, blind. It’s a challenging plot and characterizatio ...

No One Left to Tell

Walking the dog. An act so routine most people don't even think much about it as they put on their shoes and snap on the leash. But sometimes waiting on the other side of that door is a big surprise. That's the case for the heroine of this novel as she takes her pooch for a stroll and her life chang ...


It's always satisfying to watch an author getting better and better with every book, and with Twisted, Laura Griffin is in top form. This is the third time I've reviewed a book by this author, and each time, she keeps honing her craft. This time around, her latest entry in the Tracers series feature ...


I had my doubts about this first in entry in a trilogy about the Conway brothers of Wyoming. The author took so much time setting up the family that I began to wonder if there was going to be a romance. But slowly, ever so slowly, I came to like the Conway brothers, as well as their father and grand ...

Through the Night

Romance novels have a tendency to confuse sexual chemistry with love. Through the Night barely manages to avoid this, but still goes overboard with the attraction between the two protagonists. It is a bit ridiculous at times, but still a decent book overall, even if somewhat unremarkable. ...


Narrated by Kate Rudd Karen Robards has written some of my favorite books and I count her as a favorite author. Sadly, those juicy books that stir my blood were written a long time ago. Sleepwalker is romantic suspense that is lackluster in the romance department and short on suspense. It has ...