Romantic Suspense

Deadly Promises

Sometimes I pick up an anthology because it contains stories that are connected to series I like; at other times I get started on a new series due to a story in an anthology. With Deadly Promises, neither was the case: While I do not feel prompted to make inroads on any of these authors’ backlists ...


Renegade, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. I hate thee to the level of all the repetitive prose; I hate thee freely as the sex scenes rose and rose. I hate thy misnomered hero with a vocabulary of ten-odd words, and I hate thy heroine who is dumber than the birds. I hate thy inherent c ...

Damage Control

December 1991 was a terrible month for spy novelists. By New Year’s Eve, the Cold War was over and suddenly we were without a tangible enemy. Russia still has its issues, but they aren’t referred to as “commies” the way the heroine of Damage Control does at one point. If it weren’t for the ...

Death Echo

I’m familiar with Lowell’s historical romance titles, but this is the first romantic suspense I’ve read from her. While there was nothing terribly wrong with Death Echo, I’m sorry to say that I was bored out of my mind. It’s the only book I’ve been reading and it took me two months to fi ...

Body Heat

I live in a northern state, so the illegal immigration problem that plagues south western border states isn't really on my radar. Reading Body Heat, which dealt with this problem and the emotions surrounding it was a real eye opener for me. I am far from an expert now, but do feel I have a bit mor ...

The Darkest Hour

If every girl isn't crazy about a sharp dressed man, it can be argued that a fair number of us are. And is there anything that denotes sharp dressed like a man in uniform? I think not. So it never surprises me when authors go for military men in their romance novels, be they contemporary or historic ...

Drawn in Blood

Children. It always amazes me how a love as strong, as intense as that between parent and child is also fraught with so much that is negative - expectations, disappointments, worries. This book was very much about children and the ties that bind them to their families long after they cease to fall u ...

Shadows at Midnight

I love a good romantic suspense novel, and Shadows at Midnight features a good romance in addition to a gripping suspense plot. It's the sort of book where the villain's identity is obvious early in the story, but still I could not stop reading. Between the romantic tale of two damaged souls findin ...

Into the Crossfire

It's rare that I start a book with rolling my eyes and finish wondering when the sequel is coming out, but that is exactly what happened here. It wasn't so much that the prose got better but that I was able to overlook some of the writing elements that had initially annoyed me to really, really enjo ...

Last to Die

I went back and forth between a B- and C+ grade for Last To Die. Was it worth a recommendation? Some parts of the story lacked spark for me, but in the end, the unique twist at the end is worth a read. Police Sergeant Dani Cole is good at her job, but her recently deceased fa ...