Part of the fun in reading a book by Jackie Collins is trying to figure out on whom her characters are based. I read some of her earlier books and found them ho-hum, but when Pocket sent me Power, I decided to give her another shot. There's plenty of gore and violence in this 126-page book, and tr ...

Kill and Tell

This book is not the standard romance; it’s actually a mystery but it’s a book that nobody should miss out on. It’s that good! Picture New Orleans in the summer; hot, humid, sultry, murderous and you've got the makings of one heck of a story. Karen Whitlaw is our heroine, and she's exact ...

Kill and Tell

Ah, those sexy, slow-handed Southern men. First, there was Dane Hollister in Dream Man; and now there's Marc Chastain in Kill and Tell. Being a Northern girl, I'm beginning to think I've been missing something - and I'll bet you Southern gals know what that is, too. "Nooawlins" - that's New Orl ...