Viking Romance


Are you looking for a historical romance novel with an unusual and original plot? Shelly Thacker's Timeless is the book for you. This is a most enjoyable and intriguing tale about 22 year old Avril de Varennes and her 300-year-old Viking warrior, Hauk Valbrand. That's right, three hundred years old! ...

The Last Viking

The cover of The Last Viking is not for those who are squeamish about reading romance novels in public. It has the hero and heroine, Rolf and Meredith in a nekkid embrace while the surf washes over them and hides all the naughty bits. Since the story takes place in Maine, I can't help but wince at h ...

Lady of Winter

Lady of Winter is a road romance involving a Druid priestess, a Viking warrior, and a quest for golden apples akin to the search for the holy grail. This is Emma Merritt's last book, published posthumously. It is the fourth book in a quartet set at the dawn of the Middle Ages. The dedication is from ...